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October 2012



This beautiful world around us is a very strange blend of contradictions and incongruities. We condemn the same thing which we had once appreciated and admired when it directly affects our own specific interests. This prejudiced trend is more popular with the western society than the other parts of the world. SinceIndiais trying her level best to prove herself an equal and parallel to the countries like US andEngland, one can find the same hypocritical bent of mind there also.  Human rights violation is one of the most favourite topics for the western society which feels pride in calling itself a philanthropist society. But unfortunately all its humanitarianism and preaching of kindness comes to an end when the victims of human rights violations are the Muslims. Be Read More »KASHMIR-WAITING FOR A SAVIOR

Balochistan’s Dilemma


A sense of insecurity, a feeling of deprivation and a scenario coloured with dejection; what else the people of Balochistan have in their life. Countless targeted killings mingled with a continuous series of missing persons have added more miseries to the lives of the Baloch people. The situation is neither encouraging nor hopeful but the Supreme Court of Pakistan under the magnanimous command of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is doing all its best to resolve this issue which has been ever most painful since after the creation ofPakistan. It is being hoped that things would get alright and the people of Balochistan would also live a life full of peace and prosperity. The situation in Balochistan could have never been so painful if the people of Balochistan were treated on the basis of justice and equality and given the same rights as given to the people of other provinces.Read More »Balochistan’s Dilemma