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Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Macro-economy of the United Arab Emirates is doing great at external accounts i.e. trade and foreign direct investments. UAE stands as a promising hub for investments and partnerships. Trade and FDIs play very important role in achieving goals of the macro-economy. Increase in trade provides strategic […]


BY PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER This beautiful world around us is a very strange blend of contradictions and incongruities. We condemn the same thing which we had once appreciated and admired when it directly affects our own specific interests. This prejudiced trend is more popular with the western society than the […]

Balochistan’s Dilemma

BY PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER A sense of insecurity, a feeling of deprivation and a scenario coloured with dejection; what else the people of Balochistan have in their life. Countless targeted killings mingled with a continuous series of missing persons have added more miseries to the lives of the Baloch people. […]

United Arab Emirates: Role Model for Future Technologies and Energies

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan “Exponential population growth and increased demand for energy is placing a strain on our natural resources.” Renewable energy will help improve energy security and offer economic development opportunities. Dr Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of Masdar Black gold is depleting. Natural gas is on the decrease. Available energy […]

Abu Dhabi Economic Outlook Report (2012-2016): A Way Forward 3

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Most recently, Abu Dhabi department of economic development announced the results of the Abu Dhabi Economic Outlook Report, (2012-2016). It strongly indicated that Abu Dhabi’s macro-economy had entered a new phase of development, a paradigm shift towards further economic diversification which also supported the strategic objectives […]