April 12, 2012




There will be time; there will be time; time to repent, time to regret, time to feel sorry and time to lament; but that will be too late. The people playing in hands of the conspirators would one day feel sorry for no one else but for their own-self, one day when they would realize that they had been brutally exploited against their own people, against their own religion and against their own land. That is the actual story of tomorrow for those who are now joining hands with the western conspirators and helping them out in destabilizingPakistan, ignoring the reality thatPakistanis the only country which has an identity as a fort of Islam. Today it is the most favourite activity for some of the so-called media analysts to ridicule and make fun of thePakistanarmy and the intelligence agencies ofPakistan. These are the people who feel pride in unfair bashing of the army just for the sake of their trivial and petty interests. In their struggle to please their foreign masters, such analysts are simply undermining the very Read More »HONOURING THE JUDICIARY

IMF reforms: Sucking poor’s blood

Shaukat M Zafar

Globalization is not new but in recent years it has become the subject of an impassioned debate. Karl Marx had predicted that the relentless search for markets will alter older social structures. As he put it “all that is solid will melt”. That prediction is going to be proven to be true in the today’s scenario. The policy of the government is to make Pakistan a private sector-driven economy where the government will only regulate. But privatization in Pakistan has been proved to be very controversial. It has generated strong debates in Pakistan where it is perceived to have more negative impact. Although it is an efficient way of promoting competition and enhancing growth, yet it has been experienced that it makes the poor poorer by increasing unemployment and reducing access of the poor to basic goods and services through increase in prices. The vast majority of people are worse off now than before.Read More »IMF reforms: Sucking poor’s blood