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April 2012




In this world of ever strengthening socialization, all time sky-rising graphs of education and ever increasing standards of moral values, liberty, freedom and independence are the terms which are very much talked of but very little cared for. The more civilized a country seems, the more involved it is in ridiculing all these terms. Today stronger is the one who has more courage and determination to challenge the liberty, freedom and independence of others. The 2nd May of every year would always remind the whole of this world how once a so-called civilized nation exploited the trust and belief of one of its faithful allies in the name of war against terror. The Abbotabad operation is one of the worst examples of human rights violation as well as of challenging the liberty, freedom and independence not of a piece of land but of the whole nation. The people ofPakistanwould never forget how their American friends played with their feelings and emotions and how they mitigated and humiliated all rules and regulations regarding diplomatic norms and traditions in the garb of the Abbotabad operation.Read More »DID YOU NEVER LOVE BIN LADEN?

How Obama fulfilled the dreams of Osama

 “The News” report by Hamid Mir

Osama bin Laden is history now but Al-Qaeda is still determined to make some new history. US officials have rightly claimed many times that Al Qaeda has become weaker after the death of Osama bin Laden but they cannot deny the fact that bin Ladenism is still a source of inspiration for the militants fighting from Afghanistan to Yemen and from Iraq to Palestine. Dead Osama is as dangerous as living Osama.

The Obama administration has foiled at least 8 terrorist plots on the US soil since the death of Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011. President Obama can take credit of bin Laden’s death but he is not aware that actually bin Laden got the death of his own choice. It was his old dream not to be captured by enemy but to be killed by enemy and no burial in any grave.Read More »How Obama fulfilled the dreams of Osama

Facebook being used to blackmail Pakistani girls

Karachi—As Facebook and other social sites are becoming popular day by day in Pakistan, an important Asian country, hundreds of girls are being blackmailed by the social networking sites forcing them to limit activities to their homes and even to commit suicides.

According to the reports of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), cyber crimes are rampant across the country and a number of educated, respectable and distinguished girls are being blackmailed. “About 99 percent of complaints are being lodged by girls that their accounts are hacked and profile picture edited,” FIA sources revealed. “After that indecent pictures are uploaded on Facebook and other social websites,” they complained.Read More »Facebook being used to blackmail Pakistani girls

Bakhtawar comes to solace Gilani

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Karachi—Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, daughter of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, on Tuesday extended her full support for Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, currently facing harsh decision in contempt of court issue.

She has urged him not to violate the Constitution of Pakistan. “You will not desecrate the graves of our martyrs. You may lose your office. You may lose your government but you must do what is right,” President Zardari’s daughter posted her message on social media website Twitter on Tuesday.Read More »Bakhtawar comes to solace Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Hydel power can be generated at Rs 6 per kilowatt

* India offered to provide 500MW electricity at Rs 16 per kilowatt, which is expensive by Rs 10 if generated locally

Daily Times report by Zeeshan Javaid

The Indian authorities offered the Pakistani government to import 500 megawatts (MW) electricity from Amritsar to Lahore at the rate of Rs 16 per kilowatt during the recently held neighbourly meetings, while hydel power electricity can be generated locally at the rate of Rs 6 per kilowatt, showing a difference of Rs 10 per kilowatt.
Read More »ISLAMABAD: Hydel power can be generated at Rs 6 per kilowatt


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Last month, I had been there inDhakafor more than a week and every moment was a moment of learning. When I was looking across the windows of my car at the sky-kissing buildings on the jam-packed roads ofDhaka, a saying of Bill Gates kept on resounding in my ears, “I always failed in exams but my class fellows always topped. Now the toppers of my class are employed in my company.” No doubt that great hustle and bustle and the lively hue and cry was a proof that I was somewhere in a land which is destined to be world’s tomorrow. The most important thing I learnt there was that tourism is the main source of bringing prosperity to a country; andBangladeshis certainly very much fertile in this respect. I also concluded that terrorism and tourism never go side by side; the presence of so many tourists in the streets of Dhaka indicated to me thatBangladeshis a land still safe from the menace of terrorism.


Nokia’s US ambitions get “bugged”

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HELSINKI: Nokia has found a software bug in its Lumia 900 smartphone, its answer to Apple’s iPhone, and is effectively giving the model away until it is fixed, blunting its bid to turn around its fortunes in the United States.


Nokia’s first 4G phone, which it markets with the strapline “an amazingly fast way to connect”, can occasionally lose its data connection as a result of the bug, Nokia said.

Read More »Nokia’s US ambitions get “bugged”

Pakistani cadet wins prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ at Sandhurst

“The News” report by Murtaza Ali Shah

CAMBERLEY: A young Pakistani cadet won the prestigious “Sword of Honour” for overseas cadets at the annual Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst here.Officer Cadet Muhammad Talha Zahid from Pakistan Army attended the academy during 2011/12 along with cadets from well over 30 countries.


“I am the 5th Pakistani cadet to have achieved this honour since Pakistan Military Academy started sending its graduates here. I am thankful to my trainers and my family for all the encouragement they have provided. I am honoured that I was able to win this for Pakistan,” he told Geo News in an interview.Read More »Pakistani cadet wins prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ at Sandhurst




There will be time; there will be time; time to repent, time to regret, time to feel sorry and time to lament; but that will be too late. The people playing in hands of the conspirators would one day feel sorry for no one else but for their own-self, one day when they would realize that they had been brutally exploited against their own people, against their own religion and against their own land. That is the actual story of tomorrow for those who are now joining hands with the western conspirators and helping them out in destabilizingPakistan, ignoring the reality thatPakistanis the only country which has an identity as a fort of Islam. Today it is the most favourite activity for some of the so-called media analysts to ridicule and make fun of thePakistanarmy and the intelligence agencies ofPakistan. These are the people who feel pride in unfair bashing of the army just for the sake of their trivial and petty interests. In their struggle to please their foreign masters, such analysts are simply undermining the very Read More »HONOURING THE JUDICIARY