April 2012

IMF reforms: Sucking poor’s blood

Shaukat M Zafar

Globalization is not new but in recent years it has become the subject of an impassioned debate. Karl Marx had predicted that the relentless search for markets will alter older social structures. As he put it “all that is solid will melt”. That prediction is going to be proven to be true in the today’s scenario. The policy of the government is to make Pakistan a private sector-driven economy where the government will only regulate. But privatization in Pakistan has been proved to be very controversial. It has generated strong debates in Pakistan where it is perceived to have more negative impact. Although it is an efficient way of promoting competition and enhancing growth, yet it has been experienced that it makes the poor poorer by increasing unemployment and reducing access of the poor to basic goods and services through increase in prices. The vast majority of people are worse off now than before.Read More »IMF reforms: Sucking poor’s blood

Why a foreign-born scholar joined Team Tsunami Khan?

The News report

LONDON: A foreign-born scholar of Pakistani descent, Dr Azeem Ibrahim, a PhD from Cambridge University, a former Research Scholar at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a World Fellow at Yale, world’s top three seats of learning, has joined Imran Khan and has been named his Strategic Policy Development Advisor.


In a special article for The News, Dr Azeem said it was time the country achieved its “second independence” and threw off the denigrating suggestions that it is a failed state, a client state or a country on the brink of disaster.

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