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March 2012

LAHORE: Stagnant real estate market drives away speculators

The News report by Mansoor Ahmad


The real estate market of the country is now dependent on high-end direct consumers and genuine long term investors as speculators have been eliminated from the current real estate market due to almost stagnant property rates.


The real estate players point out that the low and midsized property buyers are not left with consumable surpluses to go for house construction as due high inflation and doubled rates of construction material they cannot dream of planning a house of their own.

Read More »LAHORE: Stagnant real estate market drives away speculators

UK to implement global changes to visa rules

ISLAMABAD: The United Kingdom (UK) Border Agency (UKBA) will implement new global changes to the immigration rules for those aspiring to work or study in the UK, read a British High Commission press release issued on Friday.

Full details of the changes, which come into effect on April 6, could be found on the UKBA’s website. These changes would not be applied to marriage settlement applications.

The UKBA is also introducing new measures to help improve the level of customer service to applicants from Pakistan, including a new online application system and a priority visa service.Read More »UK to implement global changes to visa rules

Lethal Mines Continue to Kill Minors

By Zafar Iqbal

Two brothers loved to visit the quiet pasture with their goats and sheep. However, they were unaware that this enjoyable hobby would be fatal for them. Suddenly, they slipped in the mud and were trapped by a hidden landmine which went off with a deadly bang. They were killed on the spot.

The incident occurred when the world celebrated the 20th anniversary of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines. The victims were playing in a remote village across the line of control (Lo C), the disputed border dividing Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Both countries have been accused of the mass production and excessive use of landmines. They also refuse to join the international treaty which binds states never to use, develop, produce, stockpile or transfer antipersonnel landmines.Read More »Lethal Mines Continue to Kill Minors




Though this world of today has to bear the blame of being very much complicated, intricate, self-centered and to some extant knotty and thorny because of its over-mechanized and ultra-computerized ways and manners but still we find in abundance a very strong urge and undefeatable passion of serving the suffering and ailing humanity from east to west and from north to south. It is something very much positive and appreciable that in spite of so many individual internal and external problems of their own, the member countries of the SAARC organization and our friends in the European Union spare a lot of their precious time to ponder over the situation regarding the increasing violence and terrorism in the world which is no doubt depriving this world of the most valuable and inevitable need of today, that is the peace.Read More »THE TRUE SPIRIT OF SAARC

Woman and Religion

By Qaisar Sultan

How societies and culture figure out what is religious and what is within the helm of purely human free well and reasoning is the defining element of intellectual maturity. What is within the reason should be within the helm of any religion; any argument above and beyond reason is nothing more than a cult like approach to religion. We see that in the most developed societies such as American society comes in the grip of religious fervor where the conservative religious leaders try to impose their religious view on those who differ from their view of what is Godly and what is not.   Recently, the debate of the medicine for contraception should be allowed to women in the religious organizations has captured the American collective reflection on how far they should allow the religious Read More »Woman and Religion

Shamaeel-Sitara launches new lawn collection in Pakistan, India, UAE & Bangladesh

KARACHI: Shamaeel-Sitara Premium Lawn recently presented a new collection for 2012 at a three-day exhibition, held at a local lawn.
One of the pioneers of designer lawn in Pakistan having first designed for a textile house in 1996 and continuing ever since, the Shamaeel-Sitara Premium Lawn collection for 2012 comes with a special porter design kit that includes silk panels, embroideries, embellishments and accents.
Available in an extensive range of 17 designs in two colour variations, the Shamaeel-Sitara Premium Lawn prints are based in vegetable dyed colour palettes, fresh bright colours such as melon and leaf green with the revival of yellow and orange. Read More »Shamaeel-Sitara launches new lawn collection in Pakistan, India, UAE & Bangladesh

HEC allows UK-based examining body in Pakistan

LAHORE: The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has granted permission to the UK-based professional examining body, the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), to open approved centres in Pakistan.
The HEC has recognised ICM’s Level 6 Graduate Diploma qualifications as equivalent to Pakistan’s four-year bachelor degree, ICM Regional Director for Pakistan Moazam Shahbaz said while briefing media representatives. Read More »HEC allows UK-based examining body in Pakistan




US Department of State says in one of its recent reports regarding drug trafficking in the Central Asian states, “The Central Asian states that border Afghanistanare facing a significant threat from illicit narcotic drugs transiting from Afghanistan. Violent extremist groups from Afghanistanand Pakistanthreaten stability in the region, with drug trafficking providing a significant source of their funding. The United States Government is committed to partnering with Central Asiato counter these threats.” To put a check on drug-trafficking the USauthorities have introduced a program with the title ‘The Central Asia Counter-narcotics Initiative CACI’. The basic objectiveRead More »DRUG –TRAFFICKING IN CENTRAL ASIA