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November 2011

Toyota unveils high-tech concept car

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TOKYO: Toyota’s president unveiled a futuristic concept car resembling a giant smartphone to demonstrate how Japan’s top automaker is trying to take the lead in technology at the upcoming Tokyo auto show.

Toyota Motor Corp. will also be showing an electric vehicle, set for launch next year, and a tiny version of the hit Prius gas-electric hybrid at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens to the public this weekend.

But the automaker’s president, Akio Toyoda, chose to focus on the experimental Fun-Vii, which he called “a smartphone on four wheels” at Monday’s preview of what Toyota is displaying at the show.Read More »Toyota unveils high-tech concept car

Imran’s image on business landscape

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By Afshan Subohi

The attendance of educated youth in Lahore meeting of Imran Khan is seen generally to reflect their distrust of the mainstream politics. The goodwill for Tehreek-i-Insaf in a segment of the business community can be explained probably by its concern about the future amid economic difficulties.

While it is too early to reach any conclusion, the support in elite class for the former cricketer skipper seems to have been generated more by the perceived patrons rather than his own credentials.Read More »Imran’s image on business landscape

The Zardari affair

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Asif Ezdi -The writer is a former member of the Pakistan Foreign Service

Monday, November 28, 2011

In his first public comment after removal from the post of ambassador last Tuesday, Husain Haqqani asserted that he had resigned to “bring closure” to a “meaningless controversy” over an “insignificant memo written by a self-centred businessman” that was “threatening the country’s fledgling democracy”. He also claimed self-importantly that he had always striven to empower the country’s elected leaders “as per our constitution” and promised to continue his services to the promotion of democracy and the building of a country free of bigotry and intolerance.
Read More »The Zardari affair

How to stand up to America

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Farrukh Saleem

ISLAMABAD: President House spending Rs13 lakh a day is not sustainable. Prime Minister’s Secretariat spending Rs15 lakh a day is not sustainable. The Cabinet Division spending Rs80 lakh a day is not sustainable. None of this is sustainable for as long as three out of four Pakistanis make Rs125 a day or less.

Pakistan Railways (PR), Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (Passco) and Utility Stores Corporation (USC) collectively end up losing Rs360 billion a year, Rs100 crore a day every day of the year. This must end. Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) has lost Rs90 billion over the past 12 months. That must end.Read More »How to stand up to America

Islamabad: Thar coal project to be operational by 2013

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Thar coal project will become operational in December 2013, member of the Science and Technology Planning Commission, Dr Samar Mubarakmand, said on Thursday. Talking to a private news channel, he said that the project would bring prosperity in the country. “Pakistan has enough coal reserves that can provide electricity to the country for more than 500 years,” he said.

He said that development work is in progress and the first 50 megawatts (MW) gasified project has almost been completed. He said that the project is to cost Rs8.898 billion with a foreign exchange component of Rs 5.847 billion that was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council last year. Dr Mubarakmand said that the success of the Thar coal project would lead to investment from leading international companies.Read More »Islamabad: Thar coal project to be operational by 2013

ISLAMABAD: Development work afoot in sector I-11/1-2

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Development work is underway in sector I-11/1 and I-11/2, while fund worth of Rs 320 has been approved for the development project. The development of the sector was on hang fire for last 20 years due to land dispute between victims of Bokra Saraheen and Capital Development Authority (CDA). Sources said that 850 plots were allotted to CDA employees in the sector in 1989, while 2,300 plots were allotted to the employeesRead More »ISLAMABAD: Development work afoot in sector I-11/1-2

ISLAMABAD: Development work in Sector I-16 in last phase

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The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has completed more than 90 percent of the development work in Sector I-16 and the allottees have started construction of their houses in the area, said CDA Chairman Imtiaz Inayat Elahi on Thursday.

He was briefing members of Senate Standing Committee headed by Senator Kulsoom Parveen during their visit to inspect the development work in the Sector I-16 on Thursday.

Member Engineering, Syed Ibrar Hussain Shah, Member Estate, Khalid Mehmood Mirza and other senior officers of the authority were also present on the occasion along with worthy officials of other relevant government departments including IESCO and SNGPL.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Development work in Sector I-16 in last phase