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October 2011




The enormously magnanimous show of public power at Minar-e-PakistanLahoreby Imran Khan, the Ex-Captain ofPakistancricket team, must be an eye-opener to all those political leaders who claim to be residing in the hearts of Pakistani people. Not only the participation but also the discipline, concentration and the passionate involvement of the audience was marvelously worth seeing. Such a wondrous response to Imran’s call was a reaction of the ever-crushed public or the beginning of an era of political awareness; yet to be decided but one thing is very much obvious that people are eagerly craving for a change. Imran Khan might prove himself the third force whose expected intervention is being  anticipated since long by the political analysts and forecasters; though some of the analysts mistakenly use the term ‘the third force’ for the armed forces of Pakistan.Read More »AN ARMY OF TRUE PATRIOTS

Qurbani animals’ online sale, purchase yet to take momentum

Islamabad: The online sale and purchase of sacrificial animals is yet to take boom due to price hike and least interest of online buyers and purchasers.

Some of the businessmen have been providing online services on different websites to facilitate people at their doorstep.

Muhammad Rafiq, a businessman said that online animal business would take some time to get momentum. It is just the start as people are getting information gradually about the business.Read More »Qurbani animals’ online sale, purchase yet to take momentum

The Ideas Borrowed from Tintern Abbey

By Qaisar Sultan

Our past memories sometimes become our nurse and guide to give us comfort when we are alone, lying in bed or in our travels. The human hearts that find it alone at times use memories as tool to pacify the present unsatisfaction. To reminisce about our past has a sweet sense of time gone by. Most of the time, it reminds our youth and its relations to the people, places and even foods. But oft, in lonely rooms, amid the din/of towns and cities, I have owed to them/ In hours of weariness, sensation sweet/felt in the blood, and felt along the heart- Williams Wordsworth.  Sometimes we allow only the serenity to nurse the present and provide the colored prism of our memory to please our senses. The memories are the records of our experiences, both good and bad. We ignore all other emotions and realities of that time and block any negativity attached to it to feel good at times. The happy recollections have to be free from the obstacles, sadness and the demands of the time. There are those unremembered acts ofRead More »The Ideas Borrowed from Tintern Abbey




For every writer, the comments of the readers on his writing are always of very much importance. It was somewhere in 2009, I penned down my views on Pak-China relations in an article which was published in different national and international newspapers and magazines. In that particular article I emphasized the need of more co-operation and closer relations betweenPakistanandChinabecause in my view this strong relationship would be in the larger interest of both the countries. One of my readers ‘Neal’, might be it a fictitious name, posted his comments in response to my article at all those places where the article was published. However the tone of his comments, the ideas expressed and the words chosen by him very clearly indicated that my worthy reader belonged to some extremist Hindu group might be residing somewhere in India. Here is an extract from his comments,” China Pakistan alliance is actually an alliance between the Communists and the Muslims. The shrewd Chinese believe, by having the Muslims on their side, they can take a short cut to global domination. The good news is, the Jews, the Christians and the Hindus have recognized this threat, and have come together to crush this evil nexus. Militarily, let alone theUSor Europe orJapanalone can destroyChinain a couple of weeks. Economically,Chinahas a long way to go before it can match the existing powers, while there are other powers emerging to rivalChinain the future. The US and Europe switching to the emerging economies like India, Brazil, South Africa, and closing doors on cheap Chinese low tech items would starve the Chinese to death in a few years … .” Though there is no compulsion that every reader must agree to what a writer says but the disagreeing comments of Mr. Neal provided me a lot of food for thought. Since that day I have been trying to find out the answer to a question: Is religion the actual basis of all political relationship and confrontation among different nations? If it is so, must we not give it the name of religious extremism?Read More »WHEN HEARTS BELONG TO US

Pakistanis wonder what more they can do in war on militancy


RAWALPINDI: When Pakistan Army Sergeant Abdur Rehman hears America’s oft-repeated demand that Pakistan do more to fight militants, he glances down at the stumps of his legs and wonders what more it wants from him.

A mortar bomb shredded him from the waist down as he led an advance against Taliban fighters in 2007 in Pakistan’s unruly northwestern tribal areas on the Afghan border.

Instead of enjoying full retirement benefits, he underwent rehabilitation, was given artificial limbs and returned as a commander to a desk job in the militant-infested region where he was wounded.Read More »Pakistanis wonder what more they can do in war on militancy

Terrorism plan foiled by Islamabad Police

The News report by Shakeel Anjum

The Parliament House, Diplomatic Enclave, ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) Headquarters, Presidency, Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Convention Centre and the Islamabad Club were the target of terrorist outfits, for which they had planned and prepared to shower a barrage of missiles, rockets and mortars from Bani Gala, just a few kilometers away from these sites. This correspondent has a copy of the investigation report.

The terrorists had a plan which they devised on the lines of the 9/11 terror strikes in the US, launching attacks at different places simultaneously, the report revealed. The initial missile and rocket attack was to be followed by a commandos like terrorist strike by these militants at the Parliament House where they had planned to storm in, using the suicide bombers and sniper shooters to make their way in, and take the parliamentarians as hostages.

Looking at the things coming out so far from the investigations by the Islamabad Police following the raid on a house in Chatta Bakhtawar last Saturday, on the outskirts of Islamabad, it is becoming more and more evident that a very serious terrorist strike, which could have resulted in huge losses of lives and properties, has been averted.Read More »Terrorism plan foiled by Islamabad Police