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The enormously magnanimous show of public power at Minar-e-PakistanLahoreby Imran Khan, the Ex-Captain ofPakistancricket team, must be an eye-opener to all those political leaders who claim to be residing in the hearts of Pakistani people. Not only the participation but also the discipline, concentration and the passionate involvement of the audience was marvelously worth seeing. Such a wondrous response to Imran’s call was a reaction of the ever-crushed public or the beginning of an era of political awareness; yet to be decided but one thing is very much obvious that people are eagerly craving for a change. Imran Khan might prove himself the third force whose expected intervention is being  anticipated since long by the political analysts and forecasters; though some of the analysts mistakenly use the term ‘the third force’ for the armed forces of Pakistan. Time would decide what would be the practical significance of this splendorous display. In his address to the workers and well-wishers of the Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan not only raised some very sensitive type of issues but also vowed to settle them in case his party is given a chance to serve the nation; one of such sensitive issues was the presence of more than seven hundred thousand Indian soldiers in the Indian-Occupied valley of Kashmir. He openly challenged the Indian authorities that even such a huge number of soldiers can never deprive the innocent Kashmiris of their basic human rights because ‘army is not the solution to all problems’. Another important point he discussed was the negative impact of the drone attacks by theUSsupported NATO forces in the tribal areas ofPakistan. He emphasized that the drone attacks are doing nothing but adding to extremism and militancy because the effected people are joining hands with the Taliban as a reaction to these attacks. The most attractive thing of this grand eye-opening political gathering was that it ended at the musical notes of the national anthem. Imran Khan very successfully proved himself a true patriot, a brave soldier and no doubt a very intelligent captain who is always destined to win every match. Let us see if he succeeds in sustaining the same strength of audience when he plans the same type of public gatherings in other cities of the country.


The actual dilemma of a common man inPakistan is that he finds no one around to take care of his every-day problems. The rulers, the political leaders and the policy makers; no one pays any heed to the agony and trial, a common man has to pass through every moment. In spite of realization of the fact that democracy is the only solution to all social problems, the people ofPakistan are compelled to look towards the army for the solution of their problems. It is because they find no one but the army in every moment of trail and tribulation. Be it the natural calamities like earth-quake or floods or the catastrophically disastrous effects of terrorism, or the declining infrastructure of national institutions like Pakistan Railways, PIA, Wapda and Steel Mills, the political leaders never show any sensible behaviour; it is only the Pakistan army that is always there to tackle with the situation.  Imran Khan was very much true in his statement that ‘army is not the solution to all problems’ but what must the army do if the political set up fails in providing care and comfort to the public. Now it is for more than three and a half year, people ofPakistan are ‘enjoying the fruits of democracy’ but at the same time they remember the so-called dictatorial reign of General Musharaf as a golden period of their life. What is the root cause of this dissatisfaction and discontentment; democracy or the indifferent and selfish attitude of the democratic leaders? The fact of the matter is that the fault does not lie with the system but with the hands which run it.


There is a basic difference between the rulers we call the military dictators and those belonging to the democratic or political set up; the difference of approach. The political leaders usually have a very short memory. When they become the rulers, they at once forget the people they belong to; they intentionally ignore the fact that one day they would have to go back to the people who supported them by electing them. But on the other hand, a ‘military dictator’ behaves altogether otherwise. Somewhere in his sub-conscious, he keeps the fact alive that he belongs to the army. He has to be very much conscious and careful regarding the prestige and honour of his parent-institution. Our politicians could prove themselves far better than the military dictators if they adopt the same caring approach like that of the military dictators.Pakistan is no doubt a charismatic land of passions. Pakistan has all that is the best; a very fertile land, a very friendly weather, gracious rivers, wealthy mountains and above all a very hardworking, determined and resolute type of nation. Our passions are unbeatable, our courage and the will to survive is undefeatable. All we need is someone who could lead us to the right direction. We are an army of true patriots but unfortunately we are missing a commander.

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