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December 2010

Gulf Cooperation Council leaders pledge their support for the flood inflicted people of Pakistan

By Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan Abu Dhabi, Dec 7: At the 31th GCC summit concluding session the leaders once again reassured their commitments and extension of humanitarian assistance to the government and people of Pakistan. They also… Read More »Gulf Cooperation Council leaders pledge their support for the flood inflicted people of Pakistan

Ignominious WikiLeaks-By Qaisar Sultan

WikiLeaks has taken over the fancy of news seekers all over the world. To some of us, it was a positive and fair use for the technology. Julian Assange has described how he retrieved the information. The problem was that lot information was given to Assange by Bradley Manning, an intelligent analyst, working in California. Manning who voluntarily gave the details of secret documents to Assange, had the access to the security network. He infiltrated into secret documents through SPIRnet, used by the US defense and state department and Joint worldwide Intelligence Communication System for the files of classified top secrets-That was illegal. Freedom of speech, the latitude allowed in the dissemination of information and news and the flexible codes in these matters do not warrant to retrieve and to open to the world news media that is considered secret by the American government.Read More »Ignominious WikiLeaks-By Qaisar Sultan

ISLAMABAD: Import of used cars up to 5 years allowed

By Mubarak Zeb Khan and Aamir Shafaat Khan

ISLAMABAD/KARACHI: The government has raised the import `age limit` of used cars to five years from three years sending a strong message of displeasure to domestic car assemblers for their constant ignorance to Islamabad`s demand to lower car prices.

The 5-year old cars will be cheaper than the three years old one to be imported under transfer of residence and personal baggage schemes of expatriate having a stay of more than six months abroad and gifts schemes entitled to the blood relatives in case of more than two years stay abroad.Read More »ISLAMABAD: Import of used cars up to 5 years allowed

Zardari lacks ‘public leadership’ skills: WikiLeaks

20 pc Karachiites support MQM, claimed President
Islamabad—In a cable sent on Saturday, 20 June 2009 by US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson wrote; ‘although he (President Zardari) is not a popular leader and admits himself that he came to high office without previous direct experience as an elected politician.

The cable also said, ‘Prime Minister Gilani has shown strong leadership skills in building Parliamentary coalitions at times of national crisis and in the absence of public leadership by President Zardari.
Read More »Zardari lacks ‘public leadership’ skills: WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks: ‘Mutual distrust’ hallmark of US-Pakistan relationship

Classified By: Anne W. Patterson, for reasons 1.4 (b)(d)

As Foreign Minister Qureshi and his team arrive in Washington for coordination on the Holbrooke/Riedel strategic review, Post offers the following thoughts on issues for strategic engagement. In the coming weeks, Post will detail our suggestions on how to expand political, economic, security, and intelligence engagement with Pakistan from the current $2 billion annually to $4 billion beginning in FY2011.Read More »WikiLeaks: ‘Mutual distrust’ hallmark of US-Pakistan relationship

WikiLeaks: What Taliban leader could tell about ISI

Classified By: Anne W. Patterson for reasons 1.4 (b) (d) Feb 26, 2010

American anxiety over the fate of Mullah Brader, a Taliban leader captured in Karachi in February 2010. A court decision preventing Brader’s extradition to Afghanistan comes amid renewed anti-American hostility in the media. The Americans speculate that the Pakistanis might swap Brader for a Baloch nationalist leader hiding in Kabul, but feel he ‘knows too much’.

The Beradar arrest was raised at a February 24 tripartite meeting of FBI Director Robert Mueller, Minister Rehman Malik of the Pakistan Ministry of Interior, and Minister Atmar Hanif of the Afghan Ministry of Interior in Islamabad. There was no agreement from either side about the transfer of “wanted persons.”Read More »WikiLeaks: What Taliban leader could tell about ISI

WikiLeaks: Kayani doesn’t want to see Nawaz ruling

* WikiLeaks reports reveal Kayani mulled ousting Zardari, backing Asfandyar for new president during March 2009 political crisis

* COAS distrusts Nawaz more than Zardari

WikiLeaks, in its latest supply of reports, revealed that Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani told former US ambassador Anne Patterson in a meeting in March 2009 that he did not want to see PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif ruling the country, according to a US embassy communiqué sent to Washington.Read More »WikiLeaks: Kayani doesn’t want to see Nawaz ruling

Do Taliban Represent Our Religion?

Qaisar Sultan

Late Benazir Bhutto and her well paid speech writer and supporter, Mark Siegel, a great Ashkenazi mind, convinced Americans that the Talibans would be strengthened if Pakistan stayed with the authoritarian rule of a military general. The neo-conservatives were waiting for such a suggestion that would lead to attack on Afghanistan and Iraq. General Musharraf who was considered as the best possible alternative to any other leadership, all of a sudden became the symbol of despotism, autocracy and repression, supposedly causing extremism. General Musharraf had to make a deal to stay in power- He was willing to jump in river of fire to stay put- He was desperate and confused. General Musharraf did not support Americans wholeheartedly- He was extremely careful how far he wanted to help them. He was also making comments on Israeli and Palestinian conflict to the dislike of Israel. Read More »Do Taliban Represent Our Religion?