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December 2010

KARACHI: Indus Motor reduces prices of Corolla and Cuore from 30-Dec-2010

The Indus Motor Company (IMC) has reduced the prices of Daihatsu Cuore and Toyota Corolla Sedan. The reduction ranges between Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 per vehicle, said a statement of IMC on Wednesday.

The company’s spokes-person added that over the last several months IMC has made major capital investments amounting Rs 2 billion in the Phase 2 of Press Shop project and also in the engine assembly and testing facilities. These projects are now reaching implementation and start up stage that enables the company to pass the benefits of enhanced localisation and assembly to our valued customers, accruing from these projects.Read More »KARACHI: Indus Motor reduces prices of Corolla and Cuore from 30-Dec-2010


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 December 25 of every year reminds me of a marvelous philosophical saying; Life is like a tennis match. If you want to win, you must serve well, return well and play coolly. Always remember that the game begins with Love all; this saying freshens my mind with the memories of all those who conquered this world with the sword of love and affection, particularly of the Holy Christ and Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah., no doubt two immortal personalities; one who brought the heavenly message of benevolence and kindheartedness for the whole humanity and the other who gave a new life to the ever-crushed and ever-trampled Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent. He proved that it is not the history which makes the people immortal; it is their determination and the commitment to their goal which transforms them into the eternal.Read More »THANK YOU MR. JINNAH

SBP Annual Report 2009-10-Price stability and growth

After having a challenging year in terms of achieving price stability, FY10 was a year of recovery in growth and ease in inflationary pressures for the country. This coupled with improvements in external sector indicators and exchange rate stability helped SBP to ease its monetary policy stance during the year with a 150 basis points cut in the discount rate. The first cut came inRead More »SBP Annual Report 2009-10-Price stability and growth

Thar coal test burn

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By Ashfak Bokhari

THE decision to carry out the test burn of coal earlier than the scheduled date of March next year under the Underground Coal Gasification Project is good news. The need for converting coal into electricity to overcome the ever-aggravating power crisis has never been as urgent as it is today.

Dr Samar Mubarakmand, the nuclear scientist, who runs the UGC is also a member of the Planning Commission dealing with this project. The decision to revisit the test burn date was taken after he met President Zardari before his departure for China.Read More »Thar coal test burn

Pakistan Politics: Maggots eating away the decaying body

By Qaisar Sultan

When the process of decay in Pakistani politics, education and morals corded the state at its core? Few like to start with general Ayuab Khan; some blame Bhutto; many believe general Zia who destroyed the civility of the state; and the younger generation knows only the star of modern politics in Pakistan that started with Benazir and Nawaz Sharif, bringing in the corruption and family politics. Nawaz and ruling party leadership are now pointing the figure at general Musharraf- He was a prince among the thieves. I think that the whole country, including the most leaders of the world, with some exceptions, get clear picture that Zardari is the last straw breaking the camel’s hump. The process of the decay has changed into a lump of rotten body being chewed up by the maggots, the politicians, the military, bureaucrats, office workers, legislators and anybody who is somebody important. Most honest and decent men and women are mere spectators to watch the demise of something so sacred, a nation that was and still is their dream. Read More »Pakistan Politics: Maggots eating away the decaying body

ISLAMABAD: Paper-free registration of vehicles introduced in capital

 Excise and Taxation Department introduced a new paper-free registration system of vehicles for convenience of citizens.

Under the new system, the applicant, from now on, will not require to fill any form, rather, he just have to bring required documents of vehicle and after scrutiny of the documents. After this, staff at the counter will fill the form on the computer within no time and will take out print, which will be handed over to the applicant, who will sign it for further processing of the case by the department.
Read More »ISLAMABAD: Paper-free registration of vehicles introduced in capital

Pak Economy: Monetary policy, economic growth and inflation

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The approach to implement a pro-growth strategy has not been addressed by the central bank. The trade-off between inflation and growth can be avoided if the economy can improve its supply-side performance. As the pace of the economy slows down, the unemployment rate rises

By Dr. Noor Fatima

Traditionally, monetary policy is an instrument of macroeconomic stabilisation; however, the matter to ponder upon is whether it has actually helped in lowering inflation and promoting growth in developing economies. The outcome in this context is not promising for Pakistan, which is trapped in the predicament of high inflation and low growth. A central bank is responsible to control the money supply and maintain financial stability through various tools of monetary policy. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) by following tight monetary policy stance has hiked the discount rate to curtail inflation. But, this policy has failed to deliver the desired results in the country as inflation has reached an uncontrollable level.Read More »Pak Economy: Monetary policy, economic growth and inflation


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It is still an ambiguity why was the ‘innocent’ Julian Assange pushed behind the bars. According to the details he has been arrested for the alleged rape and molestation of two women though he has been denying the charges since the day first. According to The News-Worthy Info, a lawyer for the two Swedish women who are accusing Assange for molesting and raping them said that the charges are in no way politically motivated and that “the women are angry at that suggestion”. Claes Borgstrom the attorney said, “They were attacked by Mr. Assange and then they are treated like perpetrators themselves. He has molested them and then sacrificed them for his own interests”. Mr. Assange, a 39-year-old Australian, was arrested in London last week accused of four sexual assaults, including one charge of rape on the women in Stockholm in August. He has denied the charges, insisting the sex with the women was consensual. Christine Assange, his mother has a different opinion regarding the arrest of her son. Talking to the media-men in Melbourne she said, “my son is facing massive forces who have decided to stop him violating all rules and regulations.’ The Wikileaks organizers also express the same point of view. They say that the rape charges against Mr. Assange are in fact baseless allegations levied upon him as a reaction of the Wikileaks breaking revelations.Read More »US STRATEGY OF ‘LOVE AND LEAVE’