Monthly Archives: August 2010

Indian man re-launches East India Company

London—An Indian entrepreneur is relaunching the East India Company with the opening of a store in London Saturday, after buying the remnants of the British trading giant that once ruled much of the subcontinent. The company took control of large swathes of the region during the 1700s as it expanded […]

Globalization & Neo-Liberal Work Force: A Gendered Analysis of Perpetual In-Equalities

By Bushra Zulfiqar  Globalization has yielded a series of intensified, entrenched and complex processes of economic, social and spatial restructuring of the world. It has differentiated outcomes for people depending upon their geography, social, spatial and ideological contexts. Analysing globalization stretches over multiple layers of economic, social, cultural and political […]


ALI SUKHANVER Hard times not only boost up the morale of a nation but also bring the distressed people closer. Disasters and calamities test the valour and determination of a nation. Wars, earth quakes, floods and famines give birth to a new generation.  Since the 9/11 incident, the Pakistani nation […]

Pakistan-United Arab Emirates Relations: From Strength to Strength 1

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates enjoy privileged relations at all political, economic and social levels. The strong foundation of such relations that are based on deep-rooted cultural affinities, common faith and trust was laid by late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan over the past four decades. […]