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August 2010

18th Amendment Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court of Pakistan

By Justice ® Syed Manzoor Gilani

Article 175-A introduced through 18th Amendment in the Constitution subjects the appointments of Judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts of Pakistan to triple politico-executive checks. Firstly: under Clause (2) of Art 175-A, the Commission for appointment of Judges shall include Federal Minister for Law and Justice and Attorney General of Pakistan, both of whom are members of executive and in case of appointment of Judges in the High Court, the Commission shall also include the Provincial Law Minister. Secondly; the encroachment is at the level of Parliamentary Committee.  Read More »18th Amendment Judicial Commission and the Supreme Court of Pakistan

Match-fixing allegations hit England v Pakistan Test at Lord’s

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Gaurdian Report

Man arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers over no-ball deliveries during current Test at Lord’s

England’s Test match against Pakistan was embroiled in scandal last night after police arrested a man reported to be at the centre of a huge match-fixing ring. Play is due to resume at Lord’s today overshadowed by allegations that several members of the Pakistan team were involved in cheating during the game.

The News of the World alleged that two bowlers, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif, delivered three deliberate no-balls against England on Thursday and Friday – in line with the predictions of an alleged middle man in London who met undercover reporters posing as members of a gambling cartel.

A police investigation is now under way and a Scotland Yard spokesman said last night: “We have today arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud bookmakers.”Read More »Match-fixing allegations hit England v Pakistan Test at Lord’s

ISLAMABAD: Airblue cockpit had a third person

By Imran Ali Teepu

A team investigating the crash of the ill-fated Airblue jetliner on July 28 in Islamabad has detected the possible presence of a third person in the cockpit. Under normal circumstances, a cockpit is not supposed to have anyone other than the pilot and the co-pilot.

“The investigators have reportedly heard the voice of a third person in the cockpit of the Airblue jetliner,” a source close to the investigation told Dawn on condition of anonymity.

The voice has been extracted from the Cockpit Voice Recorder, according to the source, and the investigators were looking into various possibilities and aspects.
Read More »ISLAMABAD: Airblue cockpit had a third person


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Suppression and oppression give birth to depression; the worst of all psychological diseases. Most of the time violence is a result of depression. When someone feels that he is being deprived of his basic human rights and finds himself unable to raise a voice against that deprivation and injustice, he turns to violence. Unfortunately this resultant violence is being given the name of terrorism, in case of the Muslims all over the world. Militancy, extremism and fundamentalism; all are different forms of reaction born out of injustice and suppression. The so-called terrorism is nothing but an out come of oppression which the Muslims have been bearing for the last many decades. The Al-Qaeda , The Taliban , The Harkat-ul-Mujahideen and so many other organizations are different colours of Intifada;  an Arabic word , literally meaning  shaking off and usually translated into English as uprising or resistance or rebellion.


Toyota recalls 1.13m Corolla vehicles in N America

* Recall is fresh blow to automaker that recalled 10m vehicles earlier this year due to a faulty acceleration system

NEW YORK: Japanese automaker Toyota has announced the recall of 1.13 million of its popular Corolla vehicles in North America due to an engine defect that could make the car stop while it is being driven.

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, said Thursday the recall was issued for Corolla and Corolla Matrix vehicles built between 2005 and 2008 “to address some engine control modules (ECM) that may have been improperly manufactured.”Read More »Toyota recalls 1.13m Corolla vehicles in N America

11 Pakistanis get Chevening scholarship

ISLAMABAD: The British Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan Peter Tibber on Thursday distributed certificates among eleven Pakistani nationals who have been awarded Chevening scholarships for study in the UK.

The British Chevening Scholarship Programme is a dynamic professional development opportunity, designed to identify and support the leaders of next generation across the globe. The scholars will study topics including law and human rights, economics, finance and journalism.
Read More »11 Pakistanis get Chevening scholarship

‘Pakistan producing expensive electricity in region’

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By Mansoor Ahmad LAHORE: Pakistan is producing expensive electricity because of its dependence on furnace oil and lack of use of sources such as wind, sunlight and coal, a study of power generation capacity of different countries reveals.
According to World Coal Institute, 41.5 percent of global electricity in the world is produced through coal, 21.1 percent through gas, 16 percent through water resources, 14.6 percent through nuclear power plants and only 5.8 percent through oil. Wind, biomass and sunlight account for 2.3 percent of global electricity production.
World Coal Institute states that China produces 79 percent of its electricity from coal, India 69 percent, United States 49 percent, Germany 46 percent and Poland and South Africa more than 90 percent. Read More »‘Pakistan producing expensive electricity in region’


Since about six months a lot was being read in print and heard on the Screen, in the backdrop of increasing public eyes raising, the loud talk that the Sindh Government including  Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as PPP head was now so serious in tackling Mafias particularly the Land Mafia. After so much and so long big mouth openings the result came in shape of an action plan under which area SHO is to list out names of known criminals, gangsters and land grabbers and send it to the IGP and Rangers to target actions in consultation with home minister and a special cell of intelligence bureau and the ISI to co ordinate with local police.  People who could help inform the authorities about any “criminals or gangsters or target killers were asked to pass on such information to the authorities. The most interesting and in fact a mirror showing what actually would be the net product at the end is that such civic minded people have been advised to inform the concerned at an email which is of flood control people.  So in our today’s good governance the land mafia is to be tackled and handled by flood control people and likewise Traffic Accidents would be controlled perhaps by Customs Department. Though not surprising for this senior citizen as like silent majority he knows well that the general security that of masses and of land is not of any importance since a decade for our rules but only of themselves and their families,  yet was pained to see that despite spending huge on wasteful computerization and Departmental websites  from the national exchequer of this debit ridden country the email address for passing such sensitive information is associated with unsecured free Hotmail purely in hands of “world policeman” territory.Read More »TRAFFIC CONTROL BY CUSTOMS-By Muhammad Javed


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Life is a battle of survival and propaganda is the most effective tool in this battle. From Iraq to Afghanistan and from the Mumbai attacks to the Time Square Bombing Plan, we find a masterly use of this tool. If we exclude the element of propaganda from the present world scenario we would find nothing but a blank sheet. Propaganda has no doubt achieved the status of an industry. No country can make progress without giving extra-ordinary emphasis and importance to this industry. Almost all countries have their well-regimented and well organized propaganda teams working under the command of highly trained professionals including various journalists, newsmen, intelligence officers, TV anchors ,computer experts and web-designers from all over the world. They all join their heads together and try to plan out new and novel type of propaganda strategies. The WikiLeaks is also the outcome of such a joint venture. Yet it is not clear whose interests this website is looking after.


A chance to build a new Pakistan

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Islamabad diary  By Ayaz Amir

In the waters of the devastation hitting Pakistan lies a chance to reinvent our condition by washing away the regrets of the last 63 years and laying the foundations of a new temple. But only if we have the courage and vision to think on these lines.

What would Maoist China have done? It would not have moped or looked to foreigners for help. It would have acted out the cliché of turning grief into strength. What did the Japanese and Germans after suffering unspeakable destruction in the Second World War? They picked up the pieces and from the ruins came resurrection. A similar chance awaits us provided we can muster the same resolve.
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