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.ذ را نم ھوتو يہ مٹی بڑی زرخيز ھے ساقی

Pakistani students win gold medal in international contest

Three groups of students from different branches of PakTurk International Schools and Colleges got first position worldwide and won two gold medals in an international climate contest held in Kenya. They also bagged third position globally in a science competition held in Indonesia and bronze medal in world’s largest science fair that took place in the US.

Muhammad bin Aslam and Naqi Raza of Lahore and Alam Khatoon and Vishah Nazim of Islamabad won first position and two gold medals while competing in the Golden Climate Project Olympiad in Nairobi, Kenya. Read More »Pakistani students win gold medal in international contest

Pakistani student breaks world record

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani students have bagged a plethora of As and A*s at the Edexcel, Cambridge International Examinations’ (CIE) International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and A-level exams, June 2013 session.

The Froebel’s International School’s (FIS) student Haroon Tariq has beaten the current world record and secured phenomenal 40 As across IGCSE, O-level and A-level subjects, spanning both humanities and sciences, such as human and social biology, Islamic religion and culture, physics, chemistry and global development. This is an outstanding feat of achievement, putting Pakistan at center stage and in the global spotlight.
Read More »Pakistani student breaks world record

Pakistani students shine at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

Moscow: Pakistani students have again proved their mettle at the international level with their superlative performance at the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad 2013 (IChO), held in Moscow, Russia.

The team of four students were sponsored by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The team secured three bronze medals, with which Pakistan recorded its best performance since 2005 when it first took part in the competition.Read More »Pakistani students shine at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

Pakistani student wins silver medal at INEPO

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pakturk-studentA Pakistani student has bagged silver medal in the 7th International Environmental Project Olympiad (INEPO Euroasia) held in Baku, Azerbaijan where students from 47 countries presented 123 projects.

Alvaz Adnan, a student of PakTurk School Lahore, presented her biology project on removal of dyes from effluent of factories and won a silver medal.

Commenting on the success, Chairman PakTurk Unal Tosur and Director Education Kamil Ture said that Pakistan students have been leaving others behind in almost all the international competitions which has encouraged them to boost investment in the future of Pakistan.Read More »Pakistani student wins silver medal at INEPO

Team Pakistan wins debating competition

MEXICO CITY: Three Pakistani students from Karachi and Lahore have won an international debating competition.


The fifteen year old students won the final of The Karl Popper Debating Championship (KPDC) which is one of the largest tournaments of its kind.


Team Pakistan beat students from South Korea and all three participants were listed amongst the top 10 speakers of the tournament.Read More »Team Pakistan wins debating competition

Islamabad: Local engineer develops device to run car on water

By Noor Aftab (THE NEWS)

A Khairpur-based mechanical engineer has made such a unique claim that is apparently too hard to ‘digest’ but he is confident that a device recently developed by him can help use water as a fuel to run motor vehicles.

 Mechanical Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad Khan was quite confident when he appeared before senior officer of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and senior engineers for demonstration of his claim.Read More »Islamabad: Local engineer develops device to run car on water

Pakistani cadet wins prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ at Sandhurst

“The News” report by Murtaza Ali Shah

CAMBERLEY: A young Pakistani cadet won the prestigious “Sword of Honour” for overseas cadets at the annual Sovereign’s Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst here.Officer Cadet Muhammad Talha Zahid from Pakistan Army attended the academy during 2011/12 along with cadets from well over 30 countries.


“I am the 5th Pakistani cadet to have achieved this honour since Pakistan Military Academy started sending its graduates here. I am thankful to my trainers and my family for all the encouragement they have provided. I am honoured that I was able to win this for Pakistan,” he told Geo News in an interview.Read More »Pakistani cadet wins prestigious ‘Sword of Honour’ at Sandhurst