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Dr Attaur Rahman wins prestigious Chinese academic award

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Dr Atta-ur-RahmanBEIJING: The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the country’s top science academy, conferred its 2013 Award for International Scientific Cooperation on renowned Pakistani scientist Dr Attaur Rahman.

He is the first Pakistani national to get this prestigious award. Dr Atta is the president of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences (PAS). He is a leading scientist in the field of organic chemistry. He won the award for his contributions in boosting scientific cooperation betweenthe PAS and CAS.

He promoted a Pakistan-China doctorate programme and has sent over 390 students to Chinese universities and academic institutions to pursue PhDs, the CAS said in a statement here on Thursday. Dr Atta due to his preoccupation and commitment could not manage to personally receive the award.

Another scientist, Xiao-Fan Wang, a Chinese-American from the Duke Cancer Institute was also awarded CAS award. Xia, is a leading scientist in the molecular biology of tumours. Wang has played an important advisory role in China’s science and education system reform and promoted the establishment of an evaluation system in Chinese universities and academic institutions that includes participation by international experts, according to the CAS.

The CAS also said that Wang has made unremitting efforts to lift the academic status of Chinese scientists globally and helped Chinese academic institutions to select and cultivate talent. Established in 2007, the CAS award is aimed at honouring foreign scientists for their contributions in Chinese-foreign research cooperation.

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