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Pak Economy

Important information about Pakistan economy

Pakistan Bedget 2013-14: Salient features of PSDP allocations

The Public Sector Development Programme‚ worth Rs1‚155 billion is aimed at ensuring higher growth rate and achieving sectoral targets taking into consideration.

“This includes Rs540 billion development programme for the federal government and Rs615 billion for the provinces” said he while delivering the budget speech for the fiscal year 2013-14.Read More »Pakistan Bedget 2013-14: Salient features of PSDP allocations

Pakistan’s Debt Policy Statement 2012-13

Total external debt recorded at $66.2bn till Q1 FY13 

ISLAMABAD: The total external debt has been recorded at $63.8 billion and after including foreign exchange liabilities of $2.4 billion the total external debt and liabilities have been estimated at $66.2 billion till first quarter of fiscal year 2012-13.

This was revealed in the Debt Policy Statement 2012-13 released here on Monday.
Read More »Pakistan’s Debt Policy Statement 2012-13

Dynamics of choice and opportunity in a free market economy

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By Huma Siddiqi

It is an inherent rule of nature that an organism tends to seek the maximum benefit with the least amount of effort. That explicitly depicts how we as a nation of consumers behave. But its flip side also explains the exact reason why predators go after the feeblest. We as consumers experience life as it happens to us mostly because we are hooked to our needs and not willing to even twitch a muscle for our betterment, it is but natural that the helpless consumer gets statistically gang raped by all possible corporate and regulates or the coalition of the two.Read More »Dynamics of choice and opportunity in a free market economy

Productivity analysis of Pakistan in the last 50 years

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 By Khawaja Muhammad YousafM

 Pakistan is a developing country in South Asia having a total estimated population of 177 million in 2011. The total civilian labour force is 58.41 million out of which 55.17 million is employed. At the time of independence in 1947, Pakistan was an agrarian economy where the contribution of agriculture towards gross domestic product (GDP) was 53 percent during the fiscal year 1950. However, major shifts in the sectoral shares have been occurred since then as the shares of agriculture, industry and services sectors towards GDP during fiscal year 2011 were 20.9 percent, 25.8 percent and 53.3 percent, respectively. Read More »Productivity analysis of Pakistan in the last 50 years

Pakistan among bottom-20 in Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013

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 * Falls 6 points on the Global Competitiveness Ranking to 124th place among 144 economies

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been ranked among the bottom 20 of the 144 economies around the world in the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) 2012-2013, released on Wednesday by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

According to the GCR 2012-13, Pakistan lacks a long-term view of competitiveness. The level of corruption and poor governance are some of the factors slowing down Pakistan’s economic growth, therefore ranking Pakistan at 124 among 144 other countries on the index. The WEF ranks countries on more than 100 economic indicators comparing 144 countries.Read More »Pakistan among bottom-20 in Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013