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news and articles related to energy sector.

Energy sector

Rejecting the huge jump in electricity tariff for industry from Rs 9.18/KWH to Rs 14.82 under the new energy policy, the All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) executive committee asks the government to generate revenue through new investments in energy sector by attracting oversees Pakistanis introducing better regulations as economy cannot grow in presence of energy crunch.
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6000 MW Thar Coal power plant

MOU between Sindh Engro, China Power and SSR

The Chinese power player of international repute, in collaboration with Engro and Sindh government would be working for setting up a 6000 power plant based on coal fired system.

In this respect, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Ltd (SECMC), China Power International Holding Ltd (CPIH), and Sino Sindh Resources (Pvt) Ltd (SSR) to develop 6000 MW of Thar coal based power plants in Sindh. Read More »6000 MW Thar Coal power plant

Chinese firm to set up solar power plant in Punjab

LAHORE: An agreement was signed between Punjab government and prominent Chinese company in energy sector, ZTE, for cooperation in setting solar power plant, on Sunday.

Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, secretary Energy, President of Chinese company Yu Yong and other officials were present. Secretary Energy and Vice President of ZTE signed the document. Under the agreement, the Chinese company will set up a 500 megawatt solar power plant. Initially, the Chinese company will establish a 300 megawatt solar power plant which will later be extended to 500 megawatt capacity.Read More »Chinese firm to set up solar power plant in Punjab

LAHORE: 5000 acres of land allocated for solar power projects

Provincial energy minister says private companies can get land for $1 per acre per year on 20 years’ lease

The Punjab government has decided to allocate 5,000 acres of land for private solar power projects in Cholistan. The land will be allotted to the solar power sector investors at a nominal rate of $1 per acre per year for 20 years lease. Out of this 5,000 acres land, 2,500 acres land is located in Maroot, district Bahawalnagar and the rest 2,500 acres land is located on Din Garh Road, tehsil Yazman district Bahawalpur.
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Use of coal in the 21st century

By Dr Farid A Malik

Coal has met the energy needs of humans for centuries. The decline of this fuel resource started in the mid 20th century when large reservoirs of oil and gas were discovered. Despite the environmental degradation by the combustion of coal, most large economies of the world are dependent on its use. Countries like USA, China, India, Malaysia, Russia and Germany produce power by burning coal. The Koyoto Protocol has put a lid on the direct use of this fossil fuel. The entire civilised world, including Pakistan but excluding USA, are signatories to this agreement. As US meets around 56 percent of its energy needs by direct combustion of coal, it refused to be dictated by the Koyoto Protocol. Instead the Obama Read More »Use of coal in the 21st century

Solar energy strategy for Punjab

By Hassan Siddiq 

With its abundance of land, labour capital and entrepreneurs, Punjab in Pakistan is rich in all four factors of production required for economic growth. With a population approaching 100 million people, majority of which is young, and a GDP (Purchasing Power Parity basis) of nearly $300 billion, it has endless potential to grow exponentially over the next many years. However, the growth is being hampered by one single constraint: lack of energy. With a current demand-supply gap of about 4,000 megawatts (MW) in the province, the problem is expected to continue to exacerbate at the rate of 6.0 percent per annum in the business as usual scenario.Read More »Solar energy strategy for Punjab

LAHORE: Energy conference focuses on challenges and solutions

* Dr Mubarakmand says gas from coal project was going waste because government didn’t help establish power plant to use the produced gas

Daily Times report by Shabbir Sarwar

Nuclear scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand, who is also Planning Commission of Pakistan’s Science and Technology Member, has said that two nuclear power plants each having capacity of 350 megawatts will be completed by 2015 while efforts are being made to get foreign funding for another two nuclear power plants of 1,000 MW to overcome to the energy crisis in the country.Read More »LAHORE: Energy conference focuses on challenges and solutions

Iranian company offers quick solution to Pakistan’s energy crisis

An Iran based global company has offered immediate solution to the Pakistan’s prevalent power crisis, which has pulled economy down and crippled general life.

Iran Power Plant Projects Management Company (MAPNA), the sixth largest power Company in the world said it could bridge gap between demand and supply of electricity within months.
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