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news and articles related to energy sector.

A solution for the energy crisis in Pakistan —Bilal Naqeeb

In India, waste-to-energy projects have been successfully implemented since 1995. Most of the initiatives are designed to harvest energy from the waste produced by industries, e.g. the waste of palm oil industries in Andhra Pradesh and the poultry droppings of one million birds of nearby poultry farms in Tamil Nadu

The worst ever energy crisis in
the history of Pakistan has not been overcome yet, even when two years have passed since the present government took charge in February 2008. The minister for water and power stipulated several deadlines to overcome the crisis on different forums, but no effort has brought us fruitful results.Read More »A solution for the energy crisis in Pakistan —Bilal Naqeeb

Solar energy: perpetual low-cost power generation

By Chaudhry Kamran Naseer

The use of solar energy for human perquisites is not something new. It has been used for decades by a number of countries due to the various benefits it provides to people, most notably for power production. Thus, its demand has been increasing day by day because of concerns about the lack of availability of fossil fuels for producing power in near future, which has led to rise in petroleum products and the global climatic change that is taking place owing to carbon emissions from fossil fuels.Read More »Solar energy: perpetual low-cost power generation