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I didn’t write off loans of rich: Musharraf

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LONDON: Former president Pervez Musharraf has said he has never written off loan of any rich or influential individual.

He, however, said he had written off loans of the poor, especially those struck by natural calamities. Musharraf stated this on the social networking site, Facebook, while replying to questions.

He said the loans of the poor were written off in drought-hit areas of Balochistan and Sindh in 2000, the earthquake victims in 2005, the flood-hit areas of Balochistan and Sindh in 2006 and as part of the agriculture-reform package for the poor. It was always made sure that this special relief was not availed by well-off individuals. “I have never written off a single loan on an individual basis.” Replying to a question whether he would return to Pakistan or not, Musharraf said he would surely return to the country. The timing, however, is of the essence.

He said his return was mainly dependent on the domestic environment. As far as forming a new party or making an alliance is concerned, one has to be pragmatic. The existing politicians have their importance and a definite role to play. He said he would have to generate direct public support to try something original. He said he believed in a military maxim: “Never reinforce failure.” He said the allegations of handing over Pakistanis to the US were baseless and he did not handed over a single Pakistani to the US or any other foreign country. Those taken by the US were captured in Afghanistan and not given to the US.

“Our policy was clear: Pakistanis will be tried in Pakistan; whereas foreigners will be offered to their own countries first and in case of refusal (which was invariably the case), will be handed over to the US.”

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