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Profit rates on National Saving Schemes increased-21-Jan-2021

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پاکستان نیشنل سیونگز نے 21 جنوری 2021 سے تمام سکیموں کی شرح منافع میں اضافہ کر دیا ہے۔

Ministry of finance has issued notification to increase profit rates on National Saving Schemes.

 Following is the revised list of profit rates effective from 21st January 2021.

Saving ShemeOld rate %New rate %
Defence Saving Certificate8.499.42
Regular Income Certificates6.049.00
Special Savings Certificates7.777.97
Behboud Saving Certificates10.3211.28
Pensioners Benefit Account10.3211.28
Shuhada Family Welfae Account10.3211.28

The notification also stated that the profit rate has also increased on short term savings certificate. As per the new rates, the profit on the three-month certificate has increased to 6.76%. The profit rate on six-month saving certificate has increased to 6.82% from 6.80%. The profit rate on 12-month short-term saving certificate has increased to 6.92% from 6.80%.

However, the profit rate on the savings account remains at 5.5%.

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