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List of approved housing schemes in Rawalpindi

راولپنڈی ڈويلپمنٹ اتھارٹی کی جانب سے جاری کردہ لیگل ہاؤسنگ سکیمز کی تفصیلات۔

Rawalpindi Development Authority

Rawal­pindi Development Authority has issued the most recent (June 2020) list of authorized and approved housing schemes under its administration.

RDA has advised public to invest in only authorized and legal schemes which are approved by RDA.

Following is the list of RDA’s approved 49 housing schemes.

Sr. No.Name of Housing SocietyLocation/Mouza
1Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyLakhu, Rupa, Nasrala
2Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyAbban Chak
3PIA Officers Co-operative Housing SocietyAdyala
4PARC Cooperative Housing SchemeBagga Sheikhan
5Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing SocietyKotha Kalan
6Bahria Town (Phase-I,II&III (Partially)Kotha Kalan
7Kehkashan TownShahpur
8Clifton TownKalri
9Up-Country EnclosureKot Kolian, Rupa, Jataal
10Sanober CityKalri, Kalyal
11Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyMohri Khatran and Gurbal
12Doctors Cooperative Housing SocietyLohi Bher
13ABAD Cooperative Housing SocietyKaliyal
14Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyGangal
15Municipal Corporation Cooperative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)Bagga Sheikhan(Merged with DHA)
16Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyMorgah(Merged with DHA)
18Shifa Cooperative Housing SchemeGangal
19T&T Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyDhagal
20Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperate Housing SocietyLoi Bher
21Fazaia Housing SchemeGangal
22Garden VillasDhagal(Merged with DHA)
23Kohsar View Housing ProjectLakkhu
24Rabia BanglowsKotha Kalan
25Safari Villas-IKotha Kalan
26Safari Villas-IIKotha Kalan
27Bostan Avenue Housing ProjectKotha Kalan
28Army Welfare Housing Scheme(DHA-1)Morgah (Emerged as DHA)
29Khudadad CityNasrala
30Eastridge Housing SchemeKotha Kalan
31Tarnol Housing SchemeNasrala & Chahan
32Safari Enclave II (Land Sub Division)Dhagal
33Elite ReveriePhamra & Bajnial
34Mumtaz City (Revised)Pind Nasrala
35Top City (Revised)Bejnial & Nasrala
36Federation of Railway Employees & others Cooperative SocietyChaklala
37CBR Cooperative SocietyKot Kolian
38Bahria Town Phase-VIII (Partially)Shahpur
39University Town Pvt. Ltd.Bajnial
40Bahria ParadiseKotha Kalan
41Faisal TownChahan, Barkat, Noghazi
42Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, MurreeKathaar, Mengal
43Gandhara CityPind Nasrala
44Taj ResidenicaKaak
45Capital Smart CityMandwal, Chahan
46Airport Green GardenBijnial
47Multi GardensTaxila
48Taj Residencia(Extension)Sheikhpur
49Shalimar Town(Extension)Chahan & Nasralah

Note: All Private Housing Societies other than the abovementioned Societies stands unapproved in District Rawalpindi

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