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Two Hindu girls embraced Islam in Daharki area of Sindh A few weeks back. Their conversion to Islam was not accepted by their own people. Police took action and the matter was brought to the Honorable court. Unfortunately some secret hands started exploitation of the situation by staging demonstrations in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi. Social media was also used vehemently in manoeuvring the situation against the country. This is one side of the picture; let us see to the other side. Recently a Christian officer of the Pakistan Army Major Saiqa Gulzar attended a military training program at USA. There were about 52 officers in that training course and she remained at the top. This lady officer not only brought honour, dignity and fame but also a very beautiful gold-medal for Pakistan. Major Saiqa belongs to Vehari, a very fertile city of Punjab. Her father Gulzar Masih is a school teacher who considers her daughter’s achievement the biggest success of his life. The whole nation is appreciating, admiring and celebrating her achievement as a national victory. Her achievement is no doubt an honour for the Pakistan Army too at professional level but at the same time her success has dispelled the fake-impression that minorities in Pakistan are leading a life of suppression. Now brilliant achievement of Major Saiqa Gulzar has told the world that the minorities in Pakistan are never in trouble. They are always treated as citizens of Pakistan not as minorities. You see that just a few weeks back the conversion of Hindu girls to Islam was being exploited as violation of basic human rights of minorities and now medal winning by Major Saiqa Gulzar has altogether changed the scenario. A Christian lady might not have reached the rank of Major and her name would not have been forwarded for the training course in US if minorities were not enjoying equal rights in Pakistan.

 Pakistan is a very safe land for the minorities, we have a lot of Pakistanis belonging to the minorities who are playing a leading role in progress and prosperity of the country; a Christian lady police officer Helena Saeed is also among such Pakistanis; she is the ever first Pakistani woman who became the first female Additional Inspector General of Police in the country’s history. Media says she is the highest ranking female officer of the Police Service of Pakistan. Helena has proved herself as an example of motivation for our women. A more interesting fact is that Helena belongs to Baluchistan, a province which is always wrongly-painted as ‘the most deprived and most troubled’ province of Pakistan.

The minorities living in Pakistan have a very strong love for the country. The youngsters from the minorities are always ready to sacrifice their life for the safety and security of their motherland Pakistan. The young Hindu soldier of Pakistan Army, Lal Chand Rabari was also one of brave sons of Pakistan. It was his dream to protect his country from the enemies since his early days and that is why he had joined the Pakistan Army. He sacrificed his life when he was deputed at the Mangla front in May 2017. He used to say, “I would take revenge of every drop of blood from those who have inflicted loss to the children and people of our country.” After his death, his elder brother Bhemon had said talking to media, “My brother used to say again and again, the country we are living in is like our home and whosoever would attack on it would have to face serious retaliation till the last breath in my body.” Same is the story of Ashok Kumar, a Hindu soldier of Pakistan Army. He laid down his life fighting against the terrorists in Waziristan in 2013. On 23rd March 2014, the government of Pakistan awarded the Tamgha-i-Bisalat to this brave Hindu son of Pakistan.  While talking of the admirable role of minorities in Pakistan, the name of Labha Masih must never be forgotten. That Christian young man appeared in the Competitive exam of Punjab Public Service Commission and was selected as a Judge. A very astonishing fact is that the parents of Labha Masih kept sweeping streets and bazaars of Okara city to earn livelihood throughout their life. If Pakistan were not a safe country for the minorities, Labha Masih would never have risen to such a precious position. All these examples and references are more than sufficient to prove that the minorities in Pakistan are enjoying equal rights, complete protection and all possible opportunities of making progress. Though sometimes there are a few incidents which create troubles for the minorities but such incidents occur everywhere in the world, even in the most developed countries like US and UK.

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