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Mobile Phones: duty payment procedure for international passengers

Government has issued new procedures for swift registration and payment of duty and taxes for mobile devices brought by international passengers in their baggage.

Click here to visit Device Identification, Registration and Blocking System DIRBS website.

The new procedures, implemented via a Customs General Order No. 1 of 2019, have been issued for registration of devices brought in by international travellers, mobile devices available with an individual who is not a traveller and such devices imported by an individual via postal/courier services.

International travelers will apply online using the PTA application service for registration and payment of duty/taxes against mobile devices imported in accompanied baggage. This utility can also be accessed through franchise of mobile operators.

n applicant will be required to submit details including passport number, CNIC number, international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) number, etc. This information will be processed through WeBOC. The mobile device will accordingly be cleared by the system in accordance with admissible allowances under the Baggage Rules.

Under the new procedures, the first mobile phone in a year will be allowed registration/white-listing in DIRBS free of duty/taxes. In the case of second or more mobile phones, the system will electronically generate a payment slip ID for payment of duty and taxes. The payment can be made via online banking, ATMs, mobile banking and bank branches of all leading banks.

Once the system confirms the payment of duty/taxes, the mobile device will be white-listed on DIRBS. International travelers can register their mobile device within 60 days of their arrival in Pakistan. After the due date, registration of such mobile devices will be subject to additional penalty and no concessions will be available under Baggage Rules.

Local residents will also register their mobile phones via the PTA web-based facility. The applicants will provide details including CNIC number and IMEI number of the mobile device seeking registration in DIRBS.

In the wake of submission of information, the system will electronically generate payment slip ID for payment of duty/taxes and prescribed fine. The applicant will have to pay the payment through available banks. The device will be white-listed in DIRBS after payment of duty/taxes and fine.

All mobile devices imported by an individual through postal service or courier will be released on production of Certificate of Compliance issued by the PTA. The applicant can apply for the CoC to the customs authorities. On receipt of declaration, the Customs authorities will verify the particulars and process the declaration under PTA module for issuance of online CoC.

A system generated CoC will be accordingly issued by the PTA. Upon issuance of CoC, the applicant will deposit the customs’ assessed duty/taxes and the device will be released. In case of non-issuance of CoC, the customs authorities can take further action as per law.

The FBR has also devised new procedures for registration of mobile devices imported illegally through informal channels by local traders.

The holder/proprietor of unregistered mobile devices will voluntarily approach the nearest Collectorate of Customs and file declaration along with soft copy of IMEI details of such device. On receipt of declaration, the designated customs official will verify the particulars and endorse the stamp on the declaration form and detain the mobile device.

The holder will file an application supported with duty stamped declaration form before PTA for issuance of CoC. The PTA will process the application in accordance with its SOP and accordingly issue CoC.

Upon issuance of CoC, the applicant will approach the Customs authorities for release of the mobile device. The Customs authorities will assess the levy able duty/taxes and fine after adjudicating proceedings. The holder will deposit the whole amount in the designated branch of National Bank.

The mobile devices will be released to the holder accordingly. In case of non-issuance of CoC, the Customs authorities will take further action.

According to PTA’s policy, an individual/passenger can obtain registration for five mobile devices within a year in DIRBS. PTA will not issue CoC/registration to additional mobile devices exceeding this quantity in a year.

Mobile device found stolen or having duplicate or invalid IMEI number will be permanently blocked and black-listed in DIRBS for use of mobile services in Pakistan. As per the PTA policy, a foreign roamer is allowed to continue using foreign SIMs without any time limit and without getting CoC from PTA. If a roamer starts using local SIM in his/her mobile device, he/she will not be considered a roamer and will be required to fulfill the conditions of a compliant device.

9 thoughts on “Mobile Phones: duty payment procedure for international passengers”

  1. Main Qatar sy 2nd hand repaired IPhone laya hu pta registration link py apna pasport No email or Name dala to msg aya k yh passport pehly sy hi humary system main hai jb k maine pehly kbi registered hi nae kiya ya kraya ab kia kru

    1. Faisal
      Aap kisi bhi mobile phone (jis company ki SIM hai) franchise jaa kar duty pay karkay register karwa saktay hein. Free registration to ab hoti hi nahin.

  2. میں یو اے ای میں ہوں اور میں اپنا موبائل فون رجسٹرڈ کرنا چاہتا تھا جو کہ *8484# پرجو معلومات فراہم کرنا تھی سب کچھ صحیح لکھا میں ٹیلی نار سم انٹرنیشنل رومنگ پرکیا ہے
    میسج آیا کہ تقریباً چھ ہزار روپے کا اماوونٹ بینک میں جمع کرلو
    تو میرے پاسپورٹ پر پہلا موبائل رجسٹریشن فری ہے تو ٹیکس کیسے ادا کروپ

  3. Don’t belive any link all are fake It’s not working. Don’t use any PTA app all are fake if you use or pay amount your cridet or debit card you loss your Pakistan all are 2 No. After you loss. PTA deniee ke hamra iss see koi talaq nahi. Frud hai sub mobile per duty aur tax hona hai nahi chye Pakistan me konsa mobile banta hai jo duty laga rehee han sub choor qoom hain

    1. Link will work when you come back to Pakistan and it i easy just to go to mobile phone franchise and register your mobile if you want to leave it in Pakistan.

  4. I have launched request for registration of Mobile Set Samsung SM-A505F/DS (IMEIs 357089107195648 & 357088107195640) on 27-6-2019 with tracking ID MzA2NjA4OA but verification of supporting documents is st ill pending. Kindly verify the documents for registration of stated set.

  5. this f**** link is not working since day one. how dumb are ppl they keep quoting the non functional links as official. Assholes sitting in PTA .

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