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How can PM Imran Khan steer the country out of crises?

He is a fighter, he is honest and he has leadership qualities but he himself and his team lacs experience. They are coming into power with tall claims and promises but ground realities are different. It remains to be seen how Imran Khan and his team perform on the ground. A lot will depend upon the kind of team he chooses to lead the country. In view of the enormity of expectations, any shortcoming in governance will not easily be forgiven. The opposition would take full advantage of any follies committed by Imran Khan and his team. He has to be perpetually on guard and would be severely scrutinized for any lapse and mistakes, especially vis-à-vis matters of corruption and nepotism.

Economic challenges

Immediate challenge new government will have to face will be on economic front. Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves are hardly enough for less than 8 weeks imports. Americans have already threatened IMF not to give any new bailout package to Pakistan besides, America has reduced support fund from 1.2 billion dollars last year to 250 million dollars. Under such circumstances, government will have to explore new avenues to stabilize the economy.

Role of overseas Pakistanis

  • Overseas Pakistanis have always been ignored by previous governments; they even do not have the right to vote. They do not have any reasonable options to invest their hard-earned money in Pakistan other than real estate sector to suffer at the hands of land grabbers. Many years ago World Bank had suggested Pakistan government to raise money from overseas Pakistanis at low-interest rates but the government did not pay any attention.
  • Overseas Pakistanis can play very important role in building NIA Pakistan and Imran Khan should approach them in his very first address to the nation. I am sure they will not only extend helping hand to the government to rescue Pakistan out of this crisis but start bringing foreign direct investment into Pakistan as well.
  • As suggested by well-known TV anchor Mr. Rauf Klasra, Imran Khan should formally appeal all overseas Pakistanis (regardless of their political affiliations) to send 1000 dollars to their families in addition to the normal remittances if they can afford to do so.
  • A special cell should be formed in ministry of commerce and industry to facilitate overseas Pakistanis, interested in building industrial units. Special industrial estates along motorways should be established with the financial help of overseas Pakistanis and at least five years tax exemption should be offered to them.
  • Special fund established by Supreme Court should be taken over by the government and special foreign currency bonds should be offered to overseas Pakistanis at around 2.5 percent profit rate for building dams.
  • A lot of overseas Pakistanis have gained expertise in their fields while staying abroad and would love to help their motherland. Imran Khan should invite them to come back to Pakistan and help building NIA PAKISTAN.

All the readers of this page are invited to participate in the discussion and give their suggestions/recommendations.

2 thoughts on “How can PM Imran Khan steer the country out of crises?”

  1. Can some tell how many Pakistani working abroad.
    I want to make an estimate that how much fc of hard working people is being looted in a very scientific way.
    Now just to calculate final figure of FC. I have done some spade work.

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