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RDA taking action against illegal housing societies

Associated Press of Pakistan

Rawalpindi Development Authority has started pursuing strict policy to control illegal housing schemes in its jurisdiction besides sending letters to all the departments concerned including State Bank of Pakistan, District Collector

Rawalpindi, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Police, Utility Service departments, DG PEMRA and Advertising companies in an effort to save the citizens from any fraud.  LIST OF RDA HOUSING SCHEMES

Director RDA, Jamshaid Aftab informed that RDA has written letters to the departments concerned for appropriate actions against illegal housing schemes not following the set criteria.

He said that the Governor State Bank of Pakistan has been requested to direct the banks not to open accounts of the owners/administration of illegal housing schemes. Advertising company/agencies have also been asked not to advertise the illegal housing schemes/projects as the owners of the schemes should first get NOC from RDA and fulfill the criteria, he added.

A letter has been sent to Directorate General of Public Relations for publication of updated status of private housing schemes in district Rawalpindi. Assistant Director Planning RDA has been directed to update the status of private housing schemes on the authority’s website so that the citizens could check the status the schemes. District administration and DG PEMRA have also been urged to help RDA to control illegal housing schemes, he added.

The utility services departments requested not to provide utility services to illegal and unapproved housing schemes.

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation has also been apprised of the situation and the status of the private housing schemes in Rawalpindi district so that the Overseas Pakistanis could be saved from financial loss. City Police Officer Rawalpindi requested to take legal action and lodge FIRs against sponsors and the owners of the private housing schemes declared illegal by RDA.

He further informed that RDA would soon launch a grand operation against illegal housing schemes.

He advised the public t to invest only in the legal schemes which have proper approval of layout plan and NOC from the authority. He said that 43 housing schemes which fall under its jurisdiction and have obtained NOC from RDA, whereas 31 housing schemes are operating illegally without having NOC from RDA.

To a question he informed that RDA has also apprised the public through newspaper advertisements the status of the housing schemes, which fall under its jurisdiction.

The citizens can also check online details of all the housing schemes on RDA’s website, he added.


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