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Most of the people in Pakistan love US and the American nation and desire a good working relationship between the two countries in spite of unfriendly attitude shown by different US leaders and in spite of so many sanctions imposed on Pakistan by the US authorities but at the same time, there are a few Americans who are harshly hated and disliked everywhere in Pakistan; Larry Pressler is also one of them. People hate him because of his constant participation in evergreen ‘Anti-Pakistan’ movement run by India. It is also a very interesting reality that Mr. Larry Pressler has become so popular in India on the basis of his anti-Pakistan sentiments that he could have defeated Mr. Modi in any election if he were an Indian. His honestly sincere services for the Indian nation are so great that sometimes people misunderstand him as an Indian national. It is neither a sin nor a crime to love and serve India but it is something very unpleasant that this 75 year old Republican politician from South Dakota has been doing all his best to give Pakistan a ‘tough time’ without any rhyme and reason. Though he has yet not succeeded in achieving his aim and objective but on the basis of his notorious activities against Pakistan, he has earned a lot of hatred and disliking from the people of Pakistan. Earlier the people of Pakistan had hated him on the basis of his notorious ‘Pressler’s Amendment’ and his controversial book, ‘Neighbour in Arms’ but now he has provided them another golden opportunity of adding more hatred by writing an article in the Hindustan Times. The title of this article is, ‘Thank You, President Trump for calling out Pakistan on Terrorism.’ This write up is replete with so many mumbo-jumbo ideas of an old man whose nervous-system seems badly affected by his growing age and who knows it well that the only way for him to keep him in the lime light is to talk-nonsense against Pakistan. Throughout this article we find him trying to make people believe that he himself is the only person who is providing all assistance and guidance to Mr. Trump. It seems that Mr. Trump is an innocent child and Larry Pressler is his grandfather. Particularly the closing lines of his article are ridiculously nonsense. He says, ‘Thank you, President Trump, for being the first US President to openly attack Pakistan and to identify them as liars about terrorism! And thank you for moving closer to India.’  It is simply a misconception of Larry Pressler that Mr. Trump has launched any attack on Pakistan. Moreover attacking Pakistan has never been the US’ target or aim and objective as a weak Pakistan could never be in US’ interest. The US authorities are well aware of the fact that no country has helped US more than Pakistan in its war on terror. Certainly it needs no documentary proof that Pakistan has sacrificed thousands of its civilians and security officials in providing assistance to US’ in the war on terror. Moreover, it is also known to the US policy makers that without taking Pakistan on board as a major stake holder, no effort for Peace in Afghanistan could be fruitful. Pakistan is simply a need of the US in the region but unfortunately this honorable old man Pressler does not seem willing to accept this simple reality. He is misguided by the notion that US could conquer Afghanistan which has ever been a land of ‘the unbeatable.’ And more misguiding to him seems the idea that this adventure could be done in collaboration with India. In his recent article, he has said, “Pakistan should be treated like North Korea — like a rogue state. The only reason Pakistan is not a totally failed state is that countries like China and the United States continue to prop it up with massive amounts of foreign aid. Unless Pakistan changes its ways with respect to terrorism, it should be declared a terrorist state. Several leading foreign policy experts besides me have urged as much. Indeed, the first Bush administration seriously considered doing so in 1992. Pakistan’s leaders have essentially blackmailed us into providing aid for the war on terror with threats to cease assistance in rooting out terrorists in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, we know full well that Pakistan harbours terrorists, and many military leaders believe terrorists have infiltrated Pakistan’s ranks.” Larry Pressler has been a very intelligent politician in the days when he was not so old and senile but better for him is to take rest and not to waste his time and energy in his useless war against Pakistan. His non-sense stubbornness in this matter is going to pay him nothing but hatred and disliking on a large scale. One day he will have to tell the world the reason behind his enmity with Pakistan. However some of the people are of opinion that Larry Pressler could never have been such a ‘known figure’ if he had not chosen the ‘short-cut’ to popularity, i.e. going against Pakistan. It is his ‘evil-genius’ skill of perception that through his ‘naughty-craftsmanship’, he has won a lot of acclamation within the anti-Pakistan social and political circles of India. It would have been much better if he had tried to win hearts, not only of the Indians, but of millions more living in Pakistan too.

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