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Attention! Overseas Pakistanis

By Muhammad Javed

Very important information for overseas Pakistanis regarding their investment in national saving schemes and correspondence with Wafaqi Mohtasib, please read carefully.











2 thoughts on “Attention! Overseas Pakistanis”

  1. 18 February 2018

    Overseas Pakistanis are advised as an update, they should download “Qaumi Budget Digital” application on their smart phone. It can be done on mobile which have Andorid application. After downloading one needs to register himself as a registered user of the facility. Through this downloaded facility, one can at anytime know status of his savings in the National Savings (if alive or dormant) and current balance. It is a good facility and National Savings need due appreciation.

    1. Hi Javed,

      I think a small update in your post is required. After downloading the app, the person needs to visit a NS centre and fill out a paper application providing details about themselves, like DOB, email ID etc . Only after the paper application has been submitted, does the user is registered in the NS database. The registration process within the app fails without a paper application form. This obviously might not be the most amazing solution for OP’s and other senior citizens and work still needs to be done to sort these issues.

      I agree that the facility provided is amazing (specially considering that a lot of private banks do not even provide such stable apps), and that the facilities provided by NS are getting better 🙂

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