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The Indian media, in collaboration with the Indian state machinery, is wasting all its efforts on proving two things now-a-days; Kalboshan Jhadev is not an officer of the Indian navy and that the permission granted to Kalboshan’s wife to meet her husband is result of the pressure exerted by the International Court of Justice. The Financial Express of India reported a few days back, “Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre said Pakistan was forced to grant permission to Kalboshan’s wife to meet him because of India’s constant pressure through international forums. After the military court in Pakistan awarded death sentence to Jhadev, we went to the International Court of Justice, exposed Pakistan, managed to isolate Pakistan and got a stay on his death penalty.” According to the paper, the minister further said, ‘Pakistan was constantly denying permission to his family to meet him, but the pressure exerted by India through the international forum, forced them to grant a permission to his family to meet him. We will continue to exert pressure on Pakistan through the external affairs minister to cancel the death punishment and release him.” Same type of reporting could be seen in almost all newspapers and news-channels of India. For Pakistan such type of’ media war’ from the Indian side is nothing new. For the last many decades India has been behaving in the same non-sense and stupid way. Everyone knows neither the International Court of Justice nor the Modi government has capability of pressurizing Pakistan with reference to the punishment announced for Commander Kalboshan Jhadev. Pakistan is a sovereign and independent nuclear state having a very strong political and judicial system supported by a very strong Army and assisted by a very competent Intelligence Agency the ISI. The permission granted to Kalboshan’s wife is not a result of any pressure; it is simply an action based on humanitarian grounds. We, the Pakistanis hate crime but not the criminals because they are also human beings though de-tracked ones. Our religion has taught us to be kind not only on our fellow human beings but on birds, animals and plants also. It is true, Kalboshan is an agent of the RAW; it is also true that he is a serving officer of the Indian navy; it is also true that he has been involved in shattering the peaceful atmosphere of Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan but it is also true that he is a human being. The honorable court issued death sentence to the criminal and murderer Kalboshan Jhadev but the permission granted to his wife is in fact a permission granted to a human being for a human being. It is just an act of kindness and for any act of kindness we, the Pakistanis, never need any pressure from the International Court of Justice or from the Modi government. If we were to come under any moral or political pressure, we would have sent Kalboshan back to his motherland in the very beginning when India was requesting us again and again to release Commander Kalboshan Jhadev. Moreover there is no possibility of Kalboshan’s escape from the death-penalty as the security agencies of Pakistan caught him red-handed and presented his case to the honorable court. From there he got death sentence for shedding the blood of so many innocent Pakistanis. The time when Kalboshan was arrested, the Indian media remained quiet and silent and the Indian government flatly refused to accept him as an Indian national. It even flatly denied his being an officer of the Indian navy working for the RAW but later on it started hidden efforts for his escape from the death-penalty. Since the government of Pakistan had very strong evidences against Kalboshan, no effort of the Indian government could prove him innocent. As a last resort, India knocked at the door of the International Court of Justice but even there the guilty could not be proved innocent. The situation is no doubt very much embarrassing and agonizing for India; Kalboshan is their hero but no one in India is in a position to drag this hero out of his pathetic condition.  Sooner or later, this ‘hero’ would be hanging on the gallows. Let us wait and see to what extent Modi sarkar succeeds in pressurizing Pakistan to save this murderer from the gallows.


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