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 Indian army’s unprovoked firing on innocent children, girls and old men and women living peacefully along the Line of Control seems a result of a feeling of loss, a sense of defeat or something like depression on the part of the Indian soldiers.

On 6th of this October, as a result of unprovoked firing of the Indian forces, a civilian named Muhammad Raziq was martyred in village Balakot of Nikial Sector. He was just 22 years old. In the same incident 07 other civilians were seriously injured. A few days back. In another incident of the same type, the Indian army started unprovoked firing on civilian population residing in Rakhchikri sector, causing severe injuries to 3 civilians.

Naib Subedar Nadeem embraced Shahadat and three other soldiers suffered injuries. When the Pakistan Army was evacuating the civilian population from the area, the coward Indian troops again started firing which took life of an innocent girl named Rubina. Pakistan Army had to give the Indian troops a strong and befitting response to this cruelty which resulted in the casualties of so many Indian soldiers. Naib Subedar Muhammad Nadeem shaheed was buried with full military honour in his native village Chah Ganja near Jhelum. Commander 10 Corps Lieutenant General Nadeem Raza also attended the burial ceremony of the shaheed and laid floral wreath on his grave.

On the occasion the Corps Commander Lieutenant General Nadeem Raza said expressing his deep concern over this sad incident that the only restraint for Pakistan Army is the professional ethos and moral obligation, which bars it from responding in kind when Indian troops target innocent civilians, as same civilians, our own blood, reside on other side of the LoC.

Unprovoked firing on civilians for spreading harassment and a feeling of insecurity among the people living along the LoC on Pakistan’s side is the only target of the Indian forces deployed there. They think that with the help of such cowardly attempts they would succeed in crushing the demand of the Kashmiris for an independent homeland. It is a bitter reality that in spite of all such cruelties, India has not succeeded in pushing back the Kashmiris from their demand. Every day is observed as a black day in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Kashmir freedom movement has become the deadliest nightmare for India.  Moreover this long standing conflicting issue is casting serious effects on regional peace and security too. It is something very strange that no one in India seems willing to resolve this issue which is gradually becoming a serious threat to the existence and federation of India. It would have been much better if instead of crushing the right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir, India had paid attention to the large number of separatist movements in different parts of the country. These separatist movements are result of poor economic policies, neglected social development, promotion of radical Hinduism, cruelly inhuman caste system and unjust pressure politics in the country.

The worst example of separatist uprising is there in Tamil Nadu where separatist movements are challenging the federation of India. Thousands of the Tamil LTTE freedom fighters have formed an army of their own after being defeated by the Sri Lankan military in the Jaffna peninsula. People of Tamil Nadu State of India are providing these freedom fighters their full support and co-operation on account of common language and culture. Though they all share a common religion also but they say that ‘religion is not a binding force that can override other considerations, such as language, culture, ethnicity, people’s aspirations and an identity that entitles them to an independent existence’. But it is very unfortunate that Modi sarkar, instead of addressing the actual domestic problems and genuine grievances of people, is wasting all its vigor on blaming Pakistan and China for fueling these movements. Some analysts are of the opinion that Modi sarkar is misusing these blames as pretext for increasing the number of its armed troops in the states affected by the separatist movements.

Mr. Modi must try to realize that weapons can destroy houses but not homes, bodies but not hearts, eyes but not dreams. No military pressure would prove useful in the Indian Occupied Kashmir or any of the states where separatist movements are uprising. We cannot compel anyone to love us, like us or live with us. India can occupy the valleys of Kashmir but not the people of Kashmir because they never wanted to be among the Indian nation, they want their own identity which is their basic human right; a right admitted by the UN also. Let us see when their dreams come true.

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