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Do’s & Don’ts for overseas Pakistanis

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Important guidelines posted at OPC website


Property & Housing

  • If you plan to purchase property in a private housing scheme, verify from the local regulatory authority like LDAMDARDA, FDA, CDA etc. that the housing scheme is approved or not? Do not rely on the advertisement alone.
  • Inquire from the management of housing society about the property they have actually acquired and cross check from Land Revenue Department / Punjab Land Records Authority Website.
  • Inquire from the management of housing scheme whether they will get the land transferred onto your name in revenue record or simply allot it to you. We advise you that it is better that the land is transferred onto your name.
  • If you are purchasing property from a private person, verify clean title of the seller from the local revenue authorities.
  • In the case of agricultural land if you have purchased property in a joint holding, get it demarcated properly and partitioned from local court.
  • If you have inherited any property, get it transferred onto your name without further delay.
  • After purchasing property through Registered Sale Deed ensure that mutation is entered in land record because entry of mutation validates you as owner of property otherwise mere sale deed does not serve the purpose.
  • After every four years you should get a copy of Jama Bandi showing your title and extent of property owned by you.
  • In case of purchasing a house already having tenants, prefer to get it vacated completely replacing the previous tenants by new ones with fresh tenancy/lease agreement duly registered by Rent Registrar.
  • Open plots are prone to illegal possession, hence construct boundary wall with a gate to safeguard your property.
  • Before purchasing property, give a notice in local newspaper through your lawyer.
  • If you have a property which is lying vacant, it is better for you to properly lock it in case of a house, and arrange for a guard.
  • If you are going to lease out your property, sign a rent agreement, register it with rent registrar and also provide a copy of the same to your local police station.
  • If you are making benami transactions, keep original documents of property and payment receipts with you.

Financial / Business Matter Guidelines

  • Always abide by the laws of the country.
  • Make all financial transactions with your relatives, business partners etc. through banks and/or legal channels.
  • If you are invited to invest in a new or running business always verify the required documents, visit the actual business site before investment.
  • Get prepared a formal written agreement according to government procedure highlighting the rights and obligations of all the shareholders/ business partners. This agreement or partnership deed must be signed by all concerned and get registered with the business regulatory/Supervisory agency like Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Government’s Industries Department and/or SECP.
  • It is recommended to hire the services of a qualified solicitor conforming to all legal requirements.
  • Keep proper money trail in all business matters both abroad and in Pakistan to avoid any tension in future.
  • Always register your rental property agreement with local police immediately.
  • Always make payments through cross cheques and get receiving from the party.
  • Always visit property site physically before agreement and take physical possession of the same as per land laws/procedures.
  • Always get property registered in your own name.

Police Matter Guidelines

  • Contact police department and register your complaint regarding police matter in case police does not listen you properly on the following helplines:
    • 8787 for IGP Office Complaint Cell
    • 8330 for DIG Operations Lahore, Complaint Cell
    • 15 for police help



Legal Awareness

  • Do not give General Power of Attorney to anyone. If necessary only give Special Power of Attorney mentioning purpose therein. Be aware that General Power of Attorney holder enjoys all the legal powers of the owner including alienating/ selling the property without consulting the owner.
  • Do not sign blank papers.
  • Do not tender copy of your national identity card (CNIC or NICOP) or any other identification document to any one for any purpose. If it is necessary you must cross it and write the purpose on it.
  • Don’t Give Cheques to anyone as guarantee.
  • Don’t receive or pay cash without involving a banking agency.
  • Do not hand over your vehicles to anyone with its original documents.
  • Do not purchase vehicles without prior verification from Excise Department and get it immediately transferred onto your name.
  • Don’t take law in your hands, recourse to the public authorities.
  • Do not make verbal arrangements regarding your investments/ properties.
  • Do not purchase property in housing schemes on basis of files.
  • While filling up nikah nama at the time of nikah, do not leave any column unfilled.

Financial Matter Guidelines

  • Avoid being sleeping partner. In case of joint Business, get your documents/agreements prepared by an authentic solicitor conforming all legal requirements.

Police Matter Guidelines

  • Don’t purchase disputed property i.e. the property in low rates then market value or any property being a court matter.
  • Don’t invest with unknown partner/ companies and always get complete information before such investment.
  • Don’t send funds to banned/defunct organizations.
  • Don’t make new relations (marriages of children with unknown and having bad reputation families).
  • Don’t hire unknown person for pick & drop service for school going children.
  • Don’t hire unknown /unverified persons at your house as servants without proper verification from local police.
  • Don’t use fake/forged documents on any one’s advice.
  • Don’t share your personal information with others.


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