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Highlights of Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16

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Following are highlights of Pakistan
Economic Survey for the outgoing fiscal year 2015-16, launched by
Finance Minister Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar here on Thursday:-
• Major achievements of outgoing fiscal year includes: picking up economic growth, price stability, improvement in tax collection, reduction in fiscal deficit, worker remittances torch new height, and foreign exchange reserves remained high
• GDP growth accelerates to 4.71 Percent in 2015-16 against 4.04 percent in the last year
• Agriculture sector accounts of 19.82 percent of GDP and 42.3 percent of employment with strong backward and forward linkages
• Agriculture sector recorded negative growth of -0.19 percent against growth of 2.53 percent last year
• Livestock contributes 58.55 percent of agriculture value addition
• The manufacturing growth registers 5.00 percent as compared to 4.81 percent last year
• Large Scale Manufacturing with the share of 80.11 percent, Small Scale Manufacturing with share of 13.12 percent and Slaughtering have share of 6.77 percent
• Small scale manufacturing witnessed growth at 8.21 percent against growth of 8.22 percent last year
• LSM registers improved growth of 4.61 percent as compared to 3.29 percent last year
• Share of construction in industrial sector is 12.29 percent
• Mining and quarrying sub-sector contains 14.19 percent share of industrial sector
• Electricity generation and distribution and gas distribution register growth at 12.18 percent
• Share of services sector in GDP has reached to 59.16 percent
• Services sector witnesses growth of 5.71 percent as compared to 4.31 percent last year
• Per capita income in dollar terms has reached to 1560.7
• Total investment records growth of 5.78 percent in 12016
• Total investment which was recorded at Rs.4256 billion in FY 2015 increased to Rs.4502 billion in FY 2016
• National Savings are 14.6 percent of GDP in YF 2016
• During July April FY 2016 net foreign direct investment crossed US$ 1 billion with growth of 5.4 percent

  • Cotton production stood at 10.074 millions of bales
    • Wheat production increased to 25,482 thousand tonnes in
    FY 2016
    • Rice production has decreased to 6,811 thousand tonnes
    • Sugarcane production increased to 65,475 thousand tonnes
    • Maize production decreased to 4,920 thousand tonnes
    • In automobile sector such as buses, LCVs, trucks and jeeps and cars register growth of 81.95 percent, 68.53 percent, 41.68 percent and 29.73 percent respectively
    • Mining and Quarrying sector grew by 6.8 percent in
    • Total expenditure of Rs.5,962.9 billion was estimated for the current fiscal year
    • Total revenues stood at Rs.2,961.9 billion in July-March
    FY 2016
    • FBR tax collection increased to RS.2,346.1 billion during July-April FY 2016
    • During current fiscal year, SBP decrease policy rate to low level of 5.75 percent
    • Government sector borrowing (net) reached at Rs.567.5 billion during July-06th May FY 2016
    • During the period July 2015-11th May 2016, Pakistan Stock Exchange bench mark-100 Index increased by 1,867 points and closed at 36,266.23 points level on 11th
    May, 2016
  • Inflation rate measured by the changes in CPI, averaged at 2.8 percent during July-April, FY2016 against 4.8 percent in the comparable period last year
    • During July-March FY 2016, exports reached to US$15.6 billion dollars
    • Public debt recorded at Rs.19.168 billion as at end
    March 2016
  • Literary rate of population is 60 percent as compared to 58 last year
    • Total number of institute stood at 252.56 thousands during FY 2015
    • Total number of teachers was recorded at 1.59 million in FY 2015
    • Currently there are 1,167 hospitals, 5,695 dispensaries, 5,464 basic health units and 733 maternity and child heath centres in Pakistan
  • Pakistan’s estimated population is 195.4 million in 2016 however, population was 191.71 million in 2015
    • Life expectancy for female has improved from 67.3 year to 67.7 years in 2016
    • Life expectancy for male has increased from 65.2 years to 65.5 years in 2016
    • Total labour force increased from 60.10 million to 61.04 million in FY 2015
    • Govt distributed 100,000 laptops in Phase-I among students studying in public sector universities
    • Govt placing 50,000 internees in different public, private organisation in 2016
    • Pakistan total road network is around 263,356 Kms which carries over 96 percent of inland freight and 92 percent of passenger traffic
    • Length of NHA road network is around 12,131 Kms
    • Pak Railway network comprises of 7,791 route Kms, 455 Locomotives, 1,732 passengers coaches, and 15,164 freight wagons
    • During year 2015, the aviation industry experienced a growth of 5.5 percent in passenger business
    • Almost 12 percent growth has been observed in real value addition of electricity generation and distribution and gas distribution during 2015-16
    • Foreign Direct Investment in oil and gas exploration remained US$ 234.8 million in FY 2016
    • BISP budgetary allocations has been enhanced to Rs.102 billion in FY 2016

Source: APP

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