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ISPR’s song to give tribute to APS martyrs

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ISPR released a song to give tribute to the martyrs of Peshawar school attack.

سانحہء پشاور کے شہدا کو خراج تحسين

This song is an answer to the cowards who came heavily armed to kill innocent children. Lyrics of the song are so heart touching that no one can refuse to feel the depth of this tragedy and the courage of students.

Taliban believed that they have hit the ‘Achilles heel’ of Pakistan on 16 December 2014 by targeting Army Public School in Peshawar, but on 12th of January when Army Public School reopened after 26 days, they were not young students; there were warriors coming in. They had broad smiles on their faces and a shine in the eyes which was a clear message to the terrorists, “We are NOT AFRAID”.

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