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Top Five Fuel Saving Cars in Pakistan

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As the prices of fuel keep hiking- people look for fuel efficient cars that deliver quality at lower prices. We thus decided to line up cars based on their fuel mileage only. Here is the list of top 5 fuel saving cars that Carmudi has shortlisted according to their mileage:


Chevrolet Spark EV- 48 km/l


This car with a massive 1 speed automatic transmission system powering the car with a horsepower of 130 provides serious class. The car comes with 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, 360 airbags, automatic air conditioning, Abs traction control and cruise control. All of these are further paired with a mesmerizing fuel efficiency of 48 km/l. This car will also make a world record and thus makes the first spot on our list.

Toyota Prius- 26km/l

Toyota Prius

This car is the queen when it comes to excellent fuel mileage. This hybrid car has captured a large customer base within a short span of time. The car has a 1.8l engine with a horsepower of 134 and goes up to 60mph in lesser than 9.8 seconds. This is very impressive keeping its fuel efficiency in mind. The car travels up to 26 km in one liter and that is a bliss for any driver. The car is also spacy, seats 5 individuals comfortably and has a huge boot space for luggage. To conclude, it’s a must buy for all families who prefer to travel in class and economy. For these reasons the car made it to the second spot on our list.

Honda Civic Hybrid 18km/l

Honda Civic

Civic has always been one of the most loved cars of the century- fuel consumption has however always been an issue with this car. Honda fixed this issue and launched this hybrid beauty that gives an average of about 18. That is hugely impressive for the civic series and this fact has amazed and invited a huge consumer base. Due to the extremely positive feedback received, we have placed this beauty number three.

Honda City- 16km/l

Honda City

This beauty with a 1.3l engine is preferred by all families for its quality drive and serious fuel saving. The car has serious good looks with smooth edges and curves. This car meets the new era in class and with extravagance. It comes within an affordable price range of PKR 15,000,000 to PKR 17,000,000 as compared to other brands. The best feature of every city is the serious efficiency that does not compromise on driving experience or speed. The car goes up to 60 mph in 10 seconds which is seriously commendable. It makes fourth on our list.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid 14km/l

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche created this car in answer to the Lexus RX450h. This car provides a whopping horsepower of 333 with its V6 engine. This engine can be used alone or with the electric motor. The car goes from 0-60 mph in lesser than 6.2 seconds. Technically this power horse should consume a lot but when combined with an aggregate mileage of 14- the car is more than perfect. Due to this reason the car comes fifth on our list.

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