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Imran chases Nawaz in newly released ‘Go Nawaz Go’

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go-nawaz-goThe Islamabad dharna-inspired online games continue to amuse in a country where political flavour makes its way into pretty much every avenue of life. A new game titled ‘Go Nawaz Go’ has been released on the Google App Store, featuring a bat-wielding Imran Khan chasing a Nawaz Sharif animation as it jumps over containers and barbed wire.

“Help PM defend himself by running from Imran Khan to save himself and his designation,” reads the synopsis of the newly launched game.

“In this game, Imran Khan is running after Nawaz Sharif. The game mimics the environment over there in Islamabad with the protesters and Red Zone area buildings and stuff. Tap the screen to jump over the containers, Road Blockers, Blocker Wires and other Obstacles that are on the roads of Red Zone Islamabad and protect Nawaz character from colliding with them. Also collect coins for better score and position,” it continues.

Developers Game Slyce say the game has 50 different levels which can be attained when a user covers a particular distance in each level to unlock the next one.

The trend of releasing android apps relating to current affairs has become increasingly commonplace, with Angry Imran in 2012 — a rip-off of Angry Birds developed by Imran Khan’s fan — and the recent car-smashing Gullu Butt.

While the games are conceptually brilliant, gaining instant popularity owing to their timeliness, they all have had minor — and some major — technical and design flaws, most probably due to being released in a hurry. “Go Nawaz Go” is quite poor graphically, as well as in terms of functionality.

However, it has received positive feedback from some users.

Courtesy: Daily Dawn

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