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Google Android software spreading to cars, watches, TV

technology-googleSAN FRANCISCO: Google set out Wednesday to expand its Android empire beyond smart phones to cars, watches and televisions.


The technology titan laid out a sweeping Android vision at the opening of a sold-out developers conference in a keynote presentation streamed online to millions of people across the world.


“We are beginning to evolve our platforms beyond mobile,” Android and Chrome teams chief Sundar Pichai said of how Google´s twin operating systems are being adapted to work with one another and with new types of computing hardware.


Google´s goal, according to Pichai, is to have its software serve be a foundation for applications, services or digital content delivered seamlessly across the increasingly diverse array of Internet-linked screens in people´s lives.


A new LG G smartwatch and a freshly-announced Gear Live smartwatch by Samsung that both work with the “Android Wear” platform will be available at the online shop Google Play by the end of the day Wednesday, according to Pichai.


On-stage demonstrations included ordering a pizza in seconds, fielding reminders and messages, and using voice commands on smartwatches. An eagerly awaited Moto smartwatch will join the Android Wear lineup later this year, according to Google.


“These are the first three watches, but there are more on the way,” Pichai said.


An Android Auto version of the software tailored for cars, synching smartphones with in-dashboard screens and controls, is being shared with an array of auto makers and vehicles “should be rolling off lots” by the end of this year, according to Google. (AFP)

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