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Uzbekistan holds the Collective Wisdom of Mankind

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan


From centuries the Republic of Uzbekistan has been holding the collective human wisdom. It has been center of learning, dialogue, information sharing and above all research. It has been taking pride from all the human being in the world due to its so many dignified personalities, the galaxies of intellect, logic, persuasion, history, philosophy, sociology and the last but not the least pure sciences.

Uzbekistan: Custodian of Medieval East’s History


Uzbekistan has been custodian of the history of the Medieval East where disciplines of all branches of sciences i.e. pure, natural, social , political, medical and engineering developed and matured. It has been showcasing the advanced culture, levels of research, medicine, infrastructure engineering, history, and above all mathematics for so many centuries.

Resolution of President Islam Karimov and International Conference

Most recently, in accordance with the resolution of President Islam Karimov signed April 2014 a splendid international conference was arranged in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The title was “Historical Legacy of Scientists and Thinkers of the Mediaeval East, Its Role and Significance for the Modern Civilization”. It was held on May15-16, 2014. . It was attended by more than 500 scholars from dozens of countries around the world as well as representatives of prominent international organizations and research centers.

Samarkand: A Crossroad of civilizations & cultures


All the speakers, audiences, and participants highly appreciated the sincere efforts of the Uzbekistan’s government and its people for holding a well-planned international conference in the historic history of Samarkand which has been famous for its rich history and heritage for three thousand years and remained a crossroad of civilizations and cultures of people. It has everlasting beauty widely known in various corners of the planet as majestic city with an inimitable Eastern flavor.

Main Goals


The main goal of the said conference was to discuss and thoroughly perceive of the scientific legacy of the outstanding scholars and thinkers of the medieval East, evaluate their role and place in the history of the modern civilization. It also highly projected the strategic importance of Great Silk Road that use to link such countries and regions as China, Sub-Continent and Central Asia. The conference shed light on the valuable role of different dynasties in the protection and promotion of research and learning in the ancient times in the different parts of the Central Asia.

Eastern Renaissance

The said conference portrayed the tremendous services of its ancestor’s scientists and thinkers who were responsible of the two powerful scientific cultural booms in the 9-12th centuries and in the 14-15 centuries. It was great era of the Eastern Renaissance.

Galaxies of Knowledge, Wisdom and Culture


The participants thoroughly discussed and exchanged views and expertise on issues concerning the scientific, historical and philosophical heritage of the academics and thinkers of the medieval East, their immense contribution to the formation and development of astronomy, mathematics, geography, geodesy, medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, mineralogy and other sciences.

Interactive Sessions of two ways Communication

Many informative documentaries were televised during the said conference narrating the life and creativity of scholars and thinkers of the medieval Orient, their historical legacy and the activities of academic schools. The event participants were briefed about the historical, academic and cultural monuments of Samarkand, the creative and beautification works carried out during the independence years, as well as the activities of education institutions.

Uzbekistan’s Cultural Diplomacy


The government of Uzbekistan used the tool of cultural diplomacy and successfully showcased the services of its ancestors during the conference. The organizers projected the services of Muhammad Musa al-Khorezmi who was the first in the world to introduce decimal notation into science and the notions of algorithm and algebra, the encyclopedic scientists Ahmad al-Ferghani and Abu Rayhan Beruni, founder of the medical science Abu Ali ibn Sino, Mahmud Zamakhshari who created the perfect grammar of the Arabic language, the author of the astronomical table with the indication of movement of more than a thousand stars Mirzo Ulughbek and so forth. Participants were inspired by Uzbekistan’s infinite pride for its forefathers and live with a sense of high dignity and to be on the equal with others in terms of knowledge and abilities to be worthy descendants of these truly great people.

British Broadcasting Corporation’s Facts Finding Mission

During one of the televised documentary, BCC revealed that while using the mobile, remember, there is an Uzbekistan’s ancestor in the Mobile. It was small salute to all the scientists and thinkers belonging to the sacred land of Uzbekistan.

Diversity of Genuineness

The great contribution of Uzbek ancestors to the development of world civilization is known to the whole world today. They are great scientists, philosophers, thinkers, religious leaders, commanders and rulers too. They influenced the world by their genuinely inbuilt qualities of knowledge, wisdom, observation and governance.

Pioneers of Scientific Knowledge

Uzbekistan great scientists, philosophers, thinkers, religious leaders, commanders and rulers are the pioneers of so many disciplines of the today modern world which are not confined to natural science, pure science, medical science, biology, chemistry, physics, space science, travelogue, infrastructure engineering, governance and the last but not the least diplomacy.

Role of Uzbekistan’s Ancestors and Modern Civilization


The modern civilization is based on knowledge economy, corporate governance, dialogue, conflict resolution, respect for the international law, humanity and tolerance and Uzbekistan’s ancestors have been purified the minds and souls of so many unlimited generations and civilizations and infinite voyage goes on and on.

Vision of H.E. President Islam Karimov

Right from the beginning the government of the Uzbekistan under the supervision of its President Islam Karimov paid great attention to showcase its colossal spiritual heritage. International scientific and cultural cooperation has been launched in Uzbekistan. From time to time major academic conferences have been held to further these goals. Jubilees of outstanding scholars and thinkers as well as ancient cities have been celebrated at the international scale. Religious shrines have been glorified, restored and beautified. Special emphasis has been placed on the reinvigoration and perpetuation of the national spiritual legacy and the promotion of science and education.

Concluding Remarks

Uzbekistan’s scientists and thinkers widely carried out investigations, made scientific discoveries that constitute the golden fund of world, of human science and culture. Uzbekistan’s great ancestors, whose names are known all over the world greatly contributed to the treasury of knowledge. Those are philosophers-mathematicians and astronomers al-Khwarizmi, Ferghani, Jawhari, Marwazi, Ulughbeg; philosophers and legal scholars-theologians Farabi, Bukhari, At-Termizi, Marghilani Nasafi; polymaths Beruni, Ibn Sina, linguists- poets Kashkari, Yusuf Hos Hojib, Zamahshari, Alisher Navoi; historians Babur, Abulgazi Bahadur-khan, Ogahi and many others.

They all great people pursued in-depth studying of the historical heritage. Today Uzbekistan is the Central Asian largest research center with advanced resource base and research facilities, extensive scientific fund, qualified scientific personnel, whose works are recognized worldwide.

Uzbekistan’s people rightly consider these personalities as the common heritage, an example of the scientific devotion and symbol of spiritual and national pride for all neighboring Central and South Asian countries.

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