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Punjab Vehicle token tax data computerised

The Excise and Taxation (E&T) Department, Punjab, has finally computerized the entire data of token tax after synchronizing data from 147 post offices of Punjab and linked it with an SMS service.

Now, citizens can check their outstanding token tax just by sending their vehicle’s registration number to 9966 through an SMS. Earlier, the citizens had to visit their post offices concerned every year to deposit token tax of their vehicles.

The process was termed a very painful activity by those whose vehicles belonged to some other city and they were living somewhere else in Punjab. For example, a person from Lahore who purchased a car from Rahim Yar Khan he had to visit his post office in Rahim Yar Khan to pay token tax but now he can pay his token tax in Lahore by checking the details through the SMS.

E&T officials said one can check all sort of information related to his/her vehicle by sending the registration number on 9966.

This project was started by the Punjab government during the previous rule, which was delayed. However it has been completed now.

Information related to token tax, income tax and other taxes that were paid during car’s registration can be collected via the SMS service along with other details, such as the owner’s name and who it was transferred to.

This service would be helpful to the Excise &Taxation team in verifying who had paid the tax and who has not, right there and then. Furthermore, it will make it easy for the car owners to pay the tax to the Excise team right there and collect a token. The car owner will later receive an SMS validating the payment and the detail about the excise tax officer, area and payment.

Earlier, the token tax details were not available online and, on this SMS, service and all the process of token tax was manual.

People have to go to post offices of their respective cities and then come back to excise office to provide the evidence of their token submission but now people can pay their token tax on the spot via this online SMS services.

On the directives of DG E&T Naseem Sadiq Punjab, the director head quarter (E&T) Irfan started this task some months back in which all district level officials were asked to get the manual data from the post offices of their respective districts and post it online after getting their scanned copies on their online database servers.

So far, more than 11,00,000 scanned entries of 147 post offices of Punjab have been entered and almost two years data from 2011 to 2013 has been posted online.

Talking to The News, director headquarter (E&T) Irfan Khalid said that it was a great challenge for the Excise Department to collect all the manual data available in registers only with post offices and then to post it online in a very short time.

He said that most of the registers record was in a dilapidated condition but the department officers got their scanned copies and posted their data on online servers for SMS portal.

Director HQ E&T Irfan said that now police and excise officers could check any vehicle with a single SMS and stolen vehicles recovery would be increased as the police could verify any vehicle on the spot. He said even fake number plates could also be identified as engine and chassis numbers could be used to verify the car ownership and number through 9966 SMS.

More than seven hundred thousand people got various kinds of information through this SMS services and the number of queries hits are increasing day by day, Irfan Khalid added.

It is first time in the Excise department’s history that postal offices token tax data has been computerized besides the data of 350,000 stolen vehicles has also been posted on this online SMS portal with the help of Punjab police, the E&T director added. The News

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  1. my car was stolen … I want to know who is the owner of the car right now.
    engin numer is

    chassis number

    car number

    please help me out… I m very worried about my car..

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