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Mobile verification system to curb car theft in Islamabad

Islamabad Police has introduced a mobile verification system to curb car theft as it has prepared a database where the information of stolen vehicles would be incorporated.
The police personnel deployed at various check-points are able to check details of any vehicle, through SMS, by entering its registration number. This has helped the police in nabbing vehicles with fake registration numbers, and it has already recovered 124 stolen vehicles. The information issued by the ministry of interior and narcotics control on Sunday said that the capital police had also recovered 111 cars out of the total 714 registered stolen cases from different public places and markets of Islamabad stolen during the last twelve months.
The comparative data of stolen cars since June 1 to December 31, 2012 and June 1 to December 31, 2013 revealed that 71 accused persons for stealing cars were also arrested.
The information showed that from June 1 to December 31, 2012, the number of stolen cars was 274, out of which 47 cars were recovered and 27 accused were arrested while from June 1 to December 31, 2013, 440 cars were stolen, out of which 64 cars were recovered and 44 accused were nabbed. Vehicle theft and vehicle snatching is a highly organised crime and involvement of the general public is crucial. The general public has been requested to install safety alarm systems and safety gadgets in their vehicles.
An awareness campaign, through beat officers and member of the Citizen Security & Vigilance Committee to draw the attention of general public for the installation of alarm systems has also been launched to sensitise the public.
Moreover, the authorities distributed pamphlets containing preventive measures/instructions amongst the general public while check-points at all important entry and exit points have been established and the officers have been directed to keep an eye over suspicious person/vehicles to prevent car theft. Patrolling has been enhanced and the officers have been directed to conduct surprise checking at various check-points as a preventive measure. People are also being asked to park the vehicles inside their houses and at parking places when they are out for duty or shopping purpose. They were also advised not to park their vehicles at abandoned places or in the streets, particularly at night.
Furthermore, at peculiar places i.e. FGS Hospital, CDA Hospital, Chairman CDA Office etc., a chit system has been introduced within the parking areas to prevent car theft.
Police personnel’s are also been deployed in different sectors to keep an eye over suspicious persons/vehicles. Informers have also been deployed for the same purpose while all the SHOs were further directed to take preventive action against all vagabonds.
The list of the previous convicts of car thefts have been prepared and distributed amongst all quarters concerned to interrogate them during investigation of car theft cases.
ICT Police is active to apprehend the car lifters as it has established decoy plans at different venues.

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  1. my car was stolen from lahore…
    Chassis Number

    Engine Number

    car number
    please inform me as soon as possible…

  2. Car Stolen Toyota Altis RS 386 Islamabad. (GOLDEN Colour on 10th May, 2014)

    Please contact ME. We will give reward of 2 lakh.


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