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Afghan officials begin handing over security check posts to Taliban

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US alarmed by surprising move

December 23, 2013: In a surprising development the Afghan security officials have begun handing over several security check-posts to Afghan Taliban peacefully.

The latest action by Afghan security forces took the U.S. officials by storm and U.S. Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel had to make a statement that he was concerned by “unconfirmed reports that Afghan forces turned some security checkpoints over to the Taliban.”

Justifying the urgency for U.S.-Afghan Strategic deal, Hegel was quoted by an American military publication on Sunday as saying “If you wanted an example of why the (U.S.-Afghan) security agreement should be signed soon, there’s one.”

Reports from Afghanistan said that the Afghan military was coordinating with Helmand province officials to give checkpoint authority to the Taliban. Earlier Taliban forces also took contol of check posts in Kunar area.

Afghan Taliban sources claim that most Afghan security men and officials would join them after the withdrawal of U.S. and NATO troops.

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