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Pakistan in search of new life

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Dr Mahboob A Khwaja

Nothing has changed over the years except Pakistan is floating in a bubble of political, social, economic and strategic entanglement and it is just a matter of time that foreign masters could undermine its flight without notice. Pakistanis are camouflaged into a world of fantasy and dream that crime-riddled corrupt politics of the few could rescue them from catastrophic consequences unthinkable to conventional wisdom at the present.

Being a nuclear power in a highly competitive world of power politics is often a problem than a sustainable strength. It is not the power of nuclear weapons to be a decisive factor, but morally and intellectually enriched intelligent leadership to define the national interests effectively and to assume a powerful role of persuasive motivation and influence to gain favorable standing in global affairs. Pakistan is at great loss with nothing of that sort. Over half of century or more, Pakistanis failed to produce any intelligent and credible leaders to represent its national interests to a challenging world of competing interests.

For too long, Pakistan’s national interests were not part of the political characters encroaching political power through backdoor conspiracies and secretive intrigues to maintain the status-quo for foreign dictates. There are critical issues involving large segments of the society and politicians to be complacent in sustaining institutionalized corruption and dismantling the foundational framework of the freedom of the nation. There is no scarcity of informed, well educated and intelligent people to take up the challenging role of new-age leadership to change the course of self-geared destruction of the society but most are not part of the corrupt “no system” of politics as they have not earned wealth through bribes and backdoor deals, so their chances to any meaningful participation in national politics are non-existent.

The institutionalized corruption is itself an operating powerful system of governance and it denies receptive opportunities to outsiders – the honest and educated people of the new generation to enter into politics and make the difference. Money is a big motivator and hand-changer like the mafia of the feudal landlords and boxed-in family-based politicians of the few. None would feel the pinch if Pakistan is dismembered again and all that was precious and noble core values to its freedom fighters from the British colonial rule.

Pakistani bureaucrats managing the official governance continue to sign IOU notes without tangible productivity and efforts to earn foreign exchange. Its national reserve assets (State Bank of Pakistan) are said to be now at $3.5 billions from $12 billions a decade earlier – the lowest level at the moment to spark speculation of near future financial bankruptcy. Where did all the national assets disappear? Most educated and conscientious Pakistanis feel the pain that their homeland is a victim of planned political cruelty and futuristic disasters of untold consequences to their sense of freedom and national integrity.

Overseas Pakistanis earning the dollars and other negotiable hard currencies are not allowed to vote in Pakistani system of politics or to offer inputs to change and reformation of the strangulated politics of the few criminals. It is a crisis on its won of national identity that when needed in conflicts and wars, overseas Pakistani’s nostalgia is motivated but in the real world of politics, they are an undesirable entity. Pakistan is not just tarnished inside and outside but incapacitated by the American paid and sponsored few family-based political monsters and their accomplice few military Generals. What they have been destroying over the years was not built by them. So, they have no feelings for the oppressed nation.

The trial of General Musharf is a convenient political escape from the pertinent facts of political history and pressing problems facing Pakistan. Musharaf made major political blunders in governance and violated the constitution but is not a traitor and should be set free. None of the Pakistani politicians in the governance or at the National Assembly seem to enjoin individualconscience of honesty and intelligent credibility to be leaders at the national stage. This is what stalls all opportunities for change and development of the future-making.

The writer specializes in global security, peace and conflict resolution and author of several publications.

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