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Indus Motors unveils Toyota Prius in Pakistan

The Indus Motor Company (IMC), makers of different models of Toyota and Daihatsu vehicles in Pakistan, unveiled most-awaited Hybrid Vehicle ‘The Toyota Prius’ in an impressive ceremony on Tuesday.
IMC has introduced Toyota’s flagship Hybrid Car Prius with complete warranty, comprehensive after sales support and parts which will give much needed peace of mind to its customers unlike the used cars which puts consumer interest at huge risk. The Prius introduced by IMC is of latest generation and has been customised for Pakistan road conditions with improved ground clearance and robust suspension system.
The current generation Prius is globally known for its iconic shape and advance hybrid technology which enable its customers to achieve excellent fuel efficiency and enhanced performance with very little or almost negligible emissions. Due to these technological and environment-friendly attributes, Toyota has sold over 5 million Hybrid vehicles globally.
Speaking on the occasion, Indus Motors CEO Parvez Ghias said, “It is indeed a great milestone, not only in the history of IMC, but, of the entire nation. For more than two decades, the IMC is focused on delivering customer delight and in continuation of our heritage we bring to Pakistan … the Planet’s favorite Hybrid Car the Toyota Prius – a next generation vehicle that redefines the very notion a car is built upon. Now our customers have the option to buy brand new latest generation Prius with company warranty and comprehensive after sales support which will provide complete peace of mind to our customers.”
Ghias also referred to anomaly in SRO 499 due to which OEMs have to charge full 17 percent general sales tax (GST) on their retail sales of Hybrids to their customers whereas used car importers pay only half of it and enjoys up to 36 percent depreciation in duty at import stage which puts OEM at huge disadvantage. He requested the government of Pakistan to rectify the anomaly in SRO 499 and increase valuation of used cars in SRO 577 keeping in view current prices to provide level-playing field to OEMs who are fully documented legitimate businesses.
“What we request from new government is a level-playing field, where the government supports the local industry for introducing new vehicles including hybrid cars at affordable price. We hope that the government will take appropriate steps to promote local industry and encourage further investments, both in the auto industry and in Pakistan’s future,” Ghias added.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Engineer Koji Toyoshima explained key benefits of Toyota’s latest Hybrid Technology which are low emissions and noise along with best in class fuel efficiency and performance relative to other Hybrid vehicles. Its futuristic design, advance styling, cutting edge features and technology collectively provide eco-friendly comfort and intuitive driving experience to its users, he added.
Customers can book the latest generation Prius at Retail Price of Rs 4.49 million which is inclusive of 37.5 percent customs duty and 17 percent GST which makes the total government taxes/duty to 43 percent of the vehicle retail price.

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