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Why I returned to Pakistan: Musharraf writes new book

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 mushFormer military dictator Pervez Musharraf has announced plans to pen another book, “Why I returned to Pakistan”. Sources have said that according to Musharraf “the country was facing uncertain, flammable, volatile and disfigured anarchy, which the rulers seemed to be helpless in controlling, hence I decided to return to Pakistan (ostensibly to salvage the country from the crises)”. The book, which is to make its entry into market soon, also covers Musharraf’s interactions with various global leaders and his close associates who have known to have advised him against returning to Pakistan.

He would also highlight the reasons of returning to Pakistan. The former strongman faced Taliban threat, a likely adverse judiciary and adverse political pressure. Musharraf is currently interned (imprisoned) in his farmhouse in the capital, which has been legally converted into a sub-jail, while he undergoes trails for numerous indictments, which include Benazir Bhutto and Akbar Bugti murder cases, and illegal confinement of superior courts’ judges. There had been fears about Musharraf slipping out of the country, after the victory of his arch-rival Nawaz Sharif in this year’s general elections. online

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