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Rigging factories reduce PTI victory

 By Jalilur Rehman

It were the rigging factories in the provincial metropolis and other parts of the country that began working in the evening on the polling day and reversed the results for winning PTI candidates. In the city Hamid Khan renowned jurist, Dr. Yasmeen Rashid known gynaecologist and Hamid Zaman a businessman appear to be victim of the rigging factories the ultimate outcome of which was their engineered defeat and victory of their opponent who belonged to PML (N). Interestingly the PTI leadership, their candidates, voters and supporters knew that rigging has been committed but how and when was not known to them. There are reports with documentary evidence and footage of the cameras that in the provincial metropolis some towering candidates of the skipper Imran Khan’s team have been made target of engineered rigging but still the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) seems to be unmoved rather reluctant for taking appropriate action in accordance with law to redress grievance of the victims. It is believed that all those constituencies where results had been delayed the political opponents of the PTI rigged the results through rigging factories.

The rigging factories were not set up in all polling stations of a constituency but to commit rigging only 10/15 polling stations of a constituency had been chosen to reverse the results, disclosed Israr Elahi advocate who in the last general elections was the Chief Polling Agent of Ch. Monis Elahi in the provincial metropolis. It may be remembered that the Election Commission of Pakistan received about 110 complaints of rigging, maladministration and lawlessness on the part of contenders of different provincial and national constituencies but has been failed so far to address it. According to advocate Israr the former CM Punjab Ch. Pervaiz Elahi would have lost his winning seat of the National Assembly from Gujrat had he gone out of the office of the concerned Returning Officer in the evening of polling day. Rigging always is committed with the help and connivance of concerned District Police Officer and the Returning Officer. In the last general elections many DPOs and ROs were supporting the PML (Q) and we were satisfied over turnover and coming results but after evening on the polling day of last election suddenly one RO and DPO started avoiding attending my cellular phone calls. I hardly contacted one DPO who told me Israr Sahib things have changed and then I knew that the other parties were on the top despite the PML (Q) had bagged dozens provincial seats in the Punjab Assembly. disclosed Israr Elahi while talking to Daily Times.

He told that committing rigging in 10 to 15 polling stations is possible but not in all polling stations. In the National Constituency No.250 the victory of PTI’s Arif Alvi together with the success of his two provincial candidates of the Sindh Assembly will be of very far reaching consequences in national politics. Daily Times

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