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Judiciary has become a dictator, says Gilani

 Ex-PM says no need for elections as judges want to govern the country.

 He would advise Raja to not to go to court.

MULTAN: Terming judiciary similar to dictators, former premier Yousaf Raza Gilani on Wednesday said sarcastically that there was no need of elections as the judges want to govern the country.

Speaking to reporters during an iftar party, he said, “We have fought against all dictators and were always successful, but today the judiciary has become a dictator.”

Gilani said that if the prime minister’s decisions were taken by the judges, then elections were a mere drama, because it was the judiciary which would choose premiers.

“I will surely go for a protest at all levels against the judicial oppression in the country,” he maintained, adding that there would never be a stable Pakistan if Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf were sacked.

“If Raja Pervez Ashraf asks me for advice, I will tell him to reject the court orders,” a disgruntled Gilani said.

While saying that a third force has always been blamed for derailing democracy in the country, Gilani said that the judiciary had become the third force by using the constitution in an unconstitutional manner.

“The judiciary has become the third force for which the army was blamed in the past, and today they want a controlled democracy, as the institution has been politicised with clear and determined political intentions,” he added.

Gilani said further sovereignty belonged to God, but the judiciary had now declared itself the custodian of the country’s sovereignty. He also said that the economic instability in the country was also due to the environment created by the judges.

Gilani said, “They have frightened away people from investing in Pakistan and you can see, no one is eager anymore. They [judges] have direct interference in every affair of the government.”

Calling his disqualification “unconstitutional”, Gilani said that the judiciary was not independent because everyone was forced to follow the court’s ‘unconstitutional’ orders.

Gilani was sent home after the SC indicted him in a contempt of court case. online

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