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Playing with the lives of so many innocent Pakistanis, causing a lot of destruction and spreading an air of harassment and terror could never be the aim and objective of anyone belonging to the Sikh community because the Sikhs call Pakistanthe Land of their Guru Jee. What were the factors which compelled Surjeet Singh and Sarabjeet Singh to violate all their religious norms and traditions; certainly they might not have done it willingly; they might have been pushed rather forced to do so. In fact it is a common practice along the Indo-Pak Wahga border on the Indian side that the agents of the Indian army and the RAW keep on searching for the poverty-ridden Indians; no matter they are the Hindus or the Sikhs; they promise them a future full of prosperity and opulence and convince them to go across the border to Pakistani area and work there for the cruelly heinous plans of the Indian army and the RAW. Most of the time it happens that the children or any of other members of a poor Indian are abducted by the RAW agents and that helpless man is asked to play in the hands of RAW if he wants their safe release. More unfortunate is the fact that such forced-agents do not succeed in keeping away from the vigilant eyes of the Pakistani intelligence agencies and very soon they are caught red-handed and presented before the court for further action. After the completion of their punishment another misfortune is waiting for them on the other side of the Pakistani border. Their godfathers flatly refuse to accept them as their ‘representative’ and they are never owned by their ‘mothers’. Same thing happened with Surjeet Singh. At the time of his release from the Kot Lakhpat jail on 28th June 2012, he openly confessed before the media that he spied for Indian Army and Indian Intelligence Agency ‘RAW’. At the same time he complained that no one from Indian Government bothered about him after he had been arrested. As per tradition the Indian government flatly negated and denied the statement of Surjeet Singh that he was sent by Indian intelligence agencies for espionage inPakistan. Union Home Secretary Raj Kumar Singh said at a press conference, “It is completely wrong. We deny it. We do not do this kind of thing. Neither we do spying, nor we send spies.” The honorable Union minister ofIndia must try to understand the reality that denial is not the solution to the problem. The list of Indian spies sent toPakistan is very long. It is not only Surjeet Singh; it was Kashmir Singh before him and after him there is Sarabjeet Singh also waiting for the gallows. There are so many others in the list including Dinesh Chander and Inayatullah who were arrested fromKarachi andHyderabad in February and March of this year.


It is not only the sending of RAW agents toPakistanfor the purpose of terrorist activities, there are countless other tactics which Indian intelligence agencies are employing to destabilizePakistan. It was somewhere in February 2012 when the Indian intelligence agencies handed over a report to the local Indian media with a request to publish it as soon as possible. The title given to this report was, “Made-in-Pakistan dollars seized”. The report said, “The Indian Anti Narcotics Task Force has recently arrested three persons with 5,000 counterfeit US dollars in Hoshiarpur. The police suspects that the dollars were printed and smuggled in fromPakistan. The police said that all persons were residents of the Indo – Pak border area district of Ferozepur and were under long surveillance on suspicion of being involved in smuggling and circulating fake currency and narcotics fromPakistan.” Though the report given to the Indian media was very much true but someone from the intelligence agency made some changes before handing it over to the media. The actual report could be easily found even now hidden somewhere in the files of the Crime Branch of Delhi police. The actual report said, “The Crime Branch of Delhi police arrested five persons including a woman for their alleged involvement in printing and supplying fake passports, visas and US dollars. Around 120 fake passports, 300 visas and 22,000 fake US dollars were recovered from their possession. The police said that accused targeted people who were eager to come toIndiaand duped them with fake passport and visas. The racketeers had been active for more than a year. They printed counterfeit US dollars using screen printing. The printing was exquisite and they could also reproduce the impression of the water mark of genuine US dollar. The Fake passports of African countries were provided to those whose passports had either been impounded in criminal cases or they had enteredIndiaillegally through the neighboring countries.” Throughout the report there was no mention ofPakistan, Hoshiarpur and Ferozepur. The intelligence agencies ofIndiasimply modified and edited the report and added the name ofPakistanjust to defame and disreputePakistan.


Cordial relationship among the neighbouring countries contributes a lot to the regional peace and prosperity.Indiamust also try to understand this reality; sending intelligence agents for the purpose of terrorist activities would do nothing but generate an air if disbelief and distrust.  It is the high time to stop this game of hide and seek. This world needs friendship and brotherhood not conspiracies. The people ofPakistandesire for a close cordial relationship with all the neighboring countries includingIndiabut their desire could never be fulfilled unlessIndiais willing to review her callous attitude and rigid point of view regarding her neighboring countries.


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