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Prince Nayef: Man of Great Qualities

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan

Late Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

Great people never die they always cherish in the memories of all people. Prince Nayef was great man having diversified qualities of humanity and administration. Prince Naif will be remembered not only for his contributions in the development, growth and prosperity of the Saudi Arabia, but his passion, commitment and philosophy in shaping the Kingdom’s and the region’s security. Prince Naif’s death is a great loss for the nation, Arabs and Muslims and the world community at large.

Being a strategic partner, the government of Pakistan expressed its deep sorrow and grief over the sad demise of the Saudi Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz al Saud with King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. The departed soul was a close friend of Pakistan, who played a pivotal role in promoting the bilateral ties between the two brotherly countries.

His whole life was full of determination, dutifulness and tireless endeavor for a stable country and region made the world a safer place. He always stood out for his commitment and conviction to make the Kingdom a safer place and also to promote peace and stability in the region and the world over.

He remained the deputy premier and long serving interior minister. He led an iron fisted crackdown against Al-Qaeda and was seen as a pragmatist. Several projects and security agreements were endorsed while he was the honorary chairman of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers. He was a man of vision who provided a clear and firm administrative leadership to the Kingdom’s security apparatus for over three decades. His policies enabled the Kingdom to steadily progress.

Prince Naif, who was charged with managing the country’s borders, its crime-fighting apparatus and the intelligence force, was extraordinarily methodical. This exactness in his approach made him successful on all the fronts. Moreover, he was always a source of strength to the royal family and the country alike. He was a pragmatic and resolute leader, enjoyed strong relations across the globe. His death is a great loss for the world too.

He maintained high standards of efficacy and service as an interior minister, who was keenly involved in security and administrative matters specially related to the Kingdom’s firm and resolute fight against terror. He was man of vast experience, vision and conviction.

He was born in the western city of Taif in 1934. Prince Naif was raised by his father, the late King Abdul Aziz. The late prince received his education at the hands of a group of senior scholars in Shariah, literature, classic Arabic poetry, political and diplomatic sciences and administration.

He was named governor of Riyadh when he was barely 20. He was made deputy interior minister in 1970 and interior minister five years later. He was serviced second deputy who he proclaimed is the source of the Kingdom’s pride, success and progress.

Prince Naif was the Supervisor General of the Saudi Committee for the Al-Quds Intifada, and headed the Supreme Council on Information, which oversees the media. He also chaired the Supreme Committee on Haj. He also held many other key positions and headed a number of policy making bodies. He was the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Human Resources Development Fund since 2001. He served as honorary president of the Saudi Society for Information and Communication and the Saudi Philanthropic Society for Caring for Saudi Families Abroad.

Having said that Prince Naif was also General Supervisor of Relief and Humanitarian Committee in the Kingdom; Chairman of the Basic Governance System, Shoura Council System and Regions System; Chairman of the Manpower Council; Supervisor of the Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution (BIP); and Honorary President of the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council.

He framed and launched a “Rehabilitation Program” for detained militants with the help of religious scholars which was swayed them away from violence. The departed soul was known for his courage and dedication to the security of his country. “Crown Prince Nayef was a strong leader and a brave man. Allah may bless him heavens.

Crown Prince Salman bin Abdul Aziz

Salman bin Abdul Aziz a veteran statesman and administrator has been appointed the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia following the death of Prince Nayef. His appointment sends a strong signal to the world that it is a haven of stability. He is now deputy prime minister and minister of defense too. Earlier he named Riyadh governor. He is traditionalist and reformist who wishes to have balance between values and modernity.

Prince Salman was born in Riyadh on Dec. 31, 1935, and received his education at the Prince’s School in the Saudi capital. He served as deputy governor of Riyadh from March 1954 to April 1955, and governor of Riyadh from April 1955 to December 1960 and again from February 1963 to Nov. 5, 2011, when he was appointed minister of defense.

Prince Salman has played a significant role in the remarkable development of the Riyadh Province. He also made considerable efforts to strengthen Saudi Arabia’s relations with countries in the East and the West. Since 1956, he has chaired various humanitarian and service committees that alleviated the suffering of the victims of natural and man-made disasters.

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