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Pakistani student attains 28 A’s in O levels

Islamabad—Once again a student of Beaconhouse Complex Islamabad, Syed Zohaib Asad astonished every one by acquiring 28 A’s in Cambridge ‘O’ level examination, setting a new record at international level.

Zohaib Asad became an ‘Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award Winner’ after gaining higher marks in June 2010 Cambridge ‘O’ level exams in the course ‘Human and Social Biology’.

Earlier, Ibrahim Shahid who is also student of Beaconhouse School System attained 23 A’s in O’ level exams and maintained a record. Syed Zohaib Asad has emerged as a symbol of pride for the nation through gaining such remarkable success that his teachers and fellows are feeling pride of having interaction with him.

Zohaib first took medicine as his domain of subjects but turned to Economics and Business soon after discovering his interest and potential. “I changed my subjects in the middle of O level study period and prepared exams in the time period of six months,” he said. “I spared seven to eight hours a day for the preparation of my exams with full concentration. It is important to give quality time to the studies with entire focus on every subject,” Zohaib said.

Zohaib is eager to serve his country after studies and want to go for specialization in Economics and join Finance Ministry. He also urged the students not to strive for breaking records but serve the country with dedication.

For Zohaib, home environment plays greater role in the success of any student as he says “I am fortunate to have such parents who provided me a relaxed atmosphere to concentrate fully on my studies”.

Zohaib expressed dissatisfaction over prevailing discriminatory education system in the country and said that there must be unified curricula and equal access to educational opportunities for every child.

Students must not rely on guides, key books and guess papers as well as rote learning for preparation of exams and thoroughly comprehend the concepts as it could better develop analytical approach in them, he said.

Identifying talent or potential of the students at their teenage can help adopt career oriented studies and productive fields in a long run.—APP

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