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The salient features of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget 2011-12

The salient features of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget for year 2011-12 presented by Finance Minister KPK Hamyun Khan on Saturday, are as follows:

  • It is a balance budget of Rs.249.15 billion.


  • 15 per cent raise in salaries and 20  per cent in pension of government employees, while 25 per cent increase in house rent allowance.
  • Rs.149.988 billion to be received from federal government in head of federal taxes.
  • Rs.18.202 billion to be generated in head of war against terrorism.
  • Annual Development Program (ADP) year 201112 Rs. 85141 million which is 15 % of last year’s ADP.
  • Provincial government share in developmental program is Rs. 69.283 billion, which is 15% more of ongoing fiscal.
  • Social sector get maximum 32 percent funds in ADP.
  • Foreign assistance expected to KP government in fiscal year 2011-12 is Rs. 16112.70 million for 39 projects.
  • Rs. 10142 million allocated for 96 projects in education sector, health to get Rs. 6571.245 million, while social sector 480 million.
  • Rs. 1 billion for Bacha Khan Self-employment scheme 6992 new vacancies for youth.
  • Rs. 50 million for talented students under “Stori (stars) of Pakhtunkhwa” scheme.
  • Rs. 1520.300 million for district development funds.
  • Rs. 1300 million for Pakhtunkhwa Hunarmand Rozgar Scheme.
  • Supplementary budget of Rs. 25.36 billion tabled for approval.
  • Rs. 7.1452 billion for PDMA.
  • Rs. 1.5 billion release for Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Hospital, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, Frontier Foundation, Ittefaq Foundation and Bannu Medical College.
  • Total debt against the provincial government is Rs. 123110.037 million.


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  1. In my opinion Bacha Khan Rozgar Scheme is just waste of resources as with average loan of 50,000 nothing can be done. It is same like BISP project just to Increase Vote bank. This is the money of the people of Pakistan not Bacha Khan’s…

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