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Dead Osama was brought into Abbottabad and ‘killed’

Washington—Information collected from various sources and pieced together gives altogether a different turn to the Abbottabad episode and this scribe now tends to believe that the slain Osama bin Laden was captured and killed some years ago by the US forces and was brought in a coffin to Abbottabad on the night between May Ist and 2nd and “killed.” Some reports suggest that the body of the dead Osama was lying in a morgue specially erected by US Army in a small safe house at the Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan for the last few years and as per CIA’s plan, he was now “captured” from a place inside Pakistan and “killed” at the “appropriate time”.

The body of frozen Osama was brought to Abbottabad by a helicopter under the most sophisticated and hi-tech operation and taken to the upper storey of the building. A commando immediately sprayed a blood-like solution at his face to establish that the leader of Al-Qaeda was killed on the spot. Exclusive reports and photographs acquired by the Pakistan Observer in the United States establish that the body of Osama bin Laden was transported in a coffin as seen in the accompanying night vision picture during mid-night operation. The Pentagon officials have confirmed that after some time there was a blackout at the compound and minutes later a unit of Navy SEALS staged the killing drama.

Some analysts believe that the “killing” of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad was reflective of two possible considerations: One, that the death of the mastermind of Al-Qaeda will provide yet another excuse to the US Administration to hasten the process of withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and Second, his “recovery” from the now much known compound in Abbottabad will further justify the mounting pressure on Pakistan to “do more.”

Highly informed sources in Washington also told Pakistan Observer that the May 2 “Operation Neptune’s Spear” was launched with full force involving not just four helicopters but about twenty advanced aircraft and at least 40-100 soldiers and military personnel. American journalists having access to Pentagon officials confirmed that several hundred troops and dozens of aircraft remained standby at Jallalabad and in the Arabian Sea U.S. fleet.

According to defence sources United States used EC-130H, P-3, F-18E, E-2C, EA-68, MH-X and MV-22 helicopters used in addition to several other US Air Force planes in Abbottabad Operation.

In addition to this US Ships station at Arabian Sea near Gwadar also coordinated with the action and provided logistic support to US Navy SEALS.

Source: Pakistan Observer

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