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People Republic of China: A Land of Wonders

By Shazia Mehmood Khan

A media group comprising of five senior journalists from Pakistan recently visited brotherly country China. People Republic of China’s embassy in Islamabad planed and facilitated our visit to its country. It was dream come true for me. I have been fascinating different aspects of China’s socio-economic prosperity march, rich culture and divine heritage since my childhood.

During our memorable stay we visited many places of China relating to its splendid history, cultural dominance, superior heritage, industrial might and immaculate natural beauty. Our media group truly witnessed the high levels of media coverage, public persuasion and modernity while meeting with the different high officials of the government and media personnel of different newspapers i.e. China Daily and Economic Daily. I stressed to my counterparts of the economic daily newspaper that mutual energy cooperation (wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear) between the two countries would be win-win situation for both the countries. They were all well motivated and geared towards achieving their motherland’s soft power image in the regional as well as international media circles. The mutual integration was meaningful and we exchanged different views about the further strengthening of media and cultural ties between the two countries.

We also mesmerized after meeting with the devoted publicity officials during our visit to Central Publicity Affairs Office. They were nice, decent and maestros of publicity in the to-day world. They are the real machines of upholding soft image of their country through model of modesty, friendship and cooperation with the guests and foreigners at large.

The media group had the chance to pay personal visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We had fruitful spells of discussion with the representatives of the foreign ministry. Our team leaders Mr. Salim Bokhari highlighted the different aspects of Pak-China friendship not confined only to socio-economic integration, political harmony on different regional and international issues and above all cultural exchange. He valued the strategic dimension of our bilateral relations with China and termed it significant.

The Great Wall of China

On April 20 we went to see the “Great Wall of China”. It was the masterpiece of human endurance, struggle and determination. It was the result of unlimited labourers will and passion who scarified their precious lives for its successful completion. It reflected strong political will of the successive dynasties of ancient China which made their soil safe from the various foreign aggressors and nomadic groups.

Historically, several walls have been built since the 5th century BC. It was completed in 16th century. Geographically, the Great Wall stretches from Shanhaiguan in the east, to Lop Nur in the west, along an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia. Moreover, it covers more than 6000 kilometer areas. It has been praised many prominent scholars and researchers and academicians in their writings throughout the Chinese history.

It is famous picnic resort to newly married couples, tourists, and historians. Millions of foreign tourists pay personal visit to this spot. At the beginning of their matrimonial relations/transition the newly married couples get excited from the obsessive love, unforgettable affection and patriotic feelings engaged with the making of the Great Wall of China. It also symbolizes the rapid socio-economic prosperity and financial strength of to-day China which has already been placed at 2nd largest economy of the world. In my plain words The Great Wall of China is amazing, outstanding and extraordinary place to narrate. Mr. Makhdoom Babar Editor-in-chief, the Daily Mail and one of my senior colleagues spoke highly about its beauty and termed it “symbol of Chinese greatness and dragon’s blessings.

The Great Wall of China may also be seen from the Moon which verifies its vastness and dignity. It has become icon of human’s persistence, patience, and passion. It is the gift of human devoution, indigenous talent, and collective wisdom of ancient China’s inhabitants.

Afterwards, our media group visited Olympic Stadium and gets briefed about its salient features, facilities and fancies. The stadium was designed for use throughout the 2008 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Its design was originated from the study of Chinese ceramics, implemented steel beams in order to hide supports for the retractable roof; giving the stadium the appearance of a “Bird’s nest”. The stadium officially opened in 28 June 2008. It took more than seven years to complete. The Olympic Stadium surely reflects China’s unique artistic supremacy, industrial perfection and qualitative human resource management system.

On April 21 we left Beijing and started our journey for Shan Dong Province by train. The train was very fast yet very comfortable. The levels of cleanliness and services were par excellent. During our stay in this province, we met with the Director of Province Publicity Affairs and latterly visited Dazhong Newspaper Group Office. We thoroughly discussed the importance of bilateral relations and strongly stressed the need to further strengthening of trade and commerce, science and technology, education and media exchange programs. We inspected the different sections of this newspaper and carefully noticed the high levels of productivity, public awareness, and patriotism among the journalists. It was indeed a good experience of learning for me.

The Pakistani media group visited Weifang City. It is a prefecture-level city in central Shandong province. The city is famous for cultural exchange programs, music, theater events and festivals. This land is renowned for kite festival, vegetable and food fairs. Weifang city continuously holds Shandong-Taiwan Economic and Trade Fair, Shouguang International Vegetable Fair, China (Changle) Jewel Festival, Qingzhou Flower Expo, China (Changyi) North Plant Expo and Linqu Rare Stone Fair.

We were happy to see the city and its people full of colors and festivity. Meaningful socio-economic activities and cultural programs were going on in the different parts of the said city. It gave us sense of beautifulness, refreshment and relaxation.

After some time we were taken to International Vegetable Expo. We enthralled with different types of vegetables (organic & non-organic). The vegetable were decorated like diamonds and red rubies. The whole environment was fragrance with different varieties of small and big vegetables. We saw different stalls full of beautiful and tasty seeds and vegetables. This place gave the sense of national pride, self-reliance and superior agro skills of Chinese people. It portrayed the diversified but integrated expertise of farmers, agro researchers and food technologists of China which enabled them to nourish and developed numerous kinds of cashable vegetables for its own people and export purposes.

Afterwards, our media group visited Siguang City and Vegetable Village. There was lash greenery everywhere in the vegetable village. It was tremendously planned and built with a definite purpose. We went to different parts of the vegetable village and experienced the unbelievable agro commodities. Advanced techniques were being introduced for getting robust development in agricultural sector in this particular village. I personally observed that untamed nature had been made friendly and kind enough to get desired results in the agriculture industries. I noticed large quantity of off-season vegetables growing fast in these fields. It was seemed that this vegetable village succeeded to unearth many secrets of nature. This visit enriched my personal knowledge towards agro-economy, importance of vegetables and above all diversity of nature.

April 23, we witnessed one of the main industrial production houses of the country i.e. Foton Lovol International Industry Co. It was marvelously executed and magnificently carried out. It was made eco-friendly. The company of Foton LOVOL Heavy Industries is the leader of China’s machinery Industries. It has expertise in many products such as agricultural equipment, vehicles and construction Machinery. The development of Foton Lovol benefits from the technology research, the management of the supply chain, the heavy investment on management and gradual accumulation. We inspected different sections of this mega industry and get briefed about its proactive role in the development of provincial, regional and national agricultural sector. Workers efficiency and management efficacy was exceptional.

April 24 we met with the Vice Minister of Province Publicity Bureau and discussed topics of mutual interest. The high officials shared with the different already completed and ongoing mega projects in the province. They also elaborated their importance in the socio-economy of the province and wellbeing of its people.

April 25, we left our brotherly country China, the most trustworthy and time-tested strategic friend with so many cherished memories in our hearts. We all really appreciated the Chinese grand hospitality, facilitations, and above all humanly concerns towards our country and its people. It was in fact a voyage of learning, caring and sharing, affection, respect and civility for me. I am personally very thankful to China Embassy in Islamabad which really made this journey easy and possible. I am also thankful to all my hosts and interpreters in China for their unconditional support and personal assistance due to which we spent a remarkable time in China. I again pay my regards to all my seniors especially Mr. Akram Malik, Director News, APP and Mr. Bahzad Alam Khan, Editor Metropolitan, the Dawn for their professional guidance and extended cooperation. Long-live Pak-China Friendship.

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