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IDEX does not accelerate arms race in the region: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

BY Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum said that IDEX has gained prominence and wider acclaim among the world countries and companies producing weapons and defence equipments as the event provide them with a window, through which they look at the markets in the region. His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces were also presented.
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid was of the opinion that the exhibition also represented a platform for the arms manufacturers to showcase their latest products and defence technologies in front of the governments in the region, who are in need of the defensive weapons, technologies and equipments to strengthen their armed forces to defend and protect their territories, independence and national wealth.

He assured that IDEX and Dubai Air show would not start arms race in the region, because UAE see both the international events as instruments of trade, tourism and technology. It makes the United Arab Emirates a meeting place for people of different races and a gateway between East and West, not to mention the experience and knowledge which the men of our armed forces and our police gain through mixing with the experts who arrive from all over the world.

He asserted that the continuity of IDEX with this momentum, development and the volume of demand from countries, companies, factories and individuals demonstrate its success, strength and quality and positions itself as an event of economic and tourism importance as well as creates an opportunity for cross-cultural understanding. The visitors got a chance to see the cultural expressions of our country, its Arab and Islamic traditions and customs. The government of the UAE is confident that IDEX 2011 will instrumental for the growth of the local armament companies/manufacturers in the days to come.

International Defence Conference and Exhibition has become an unparallel icon of the modern technologies, systems and armaments showcasing in the world. he live demonstrations of fighter jets, choppers, tanks, armored vehicles and above all war boats all graced the occasion and provided ample opportunities for the military experts along with decision markers to select the best one for their armed forces. Plenty of joint ventures and meaningful contracts among the local as well as foreigners encouraged the organizers to keep on staging the IDEX and NAVDEX Shows in the United Arab Emirates every year.

It was a great success for the organizers, companies and researchers too. The IDEX 2011 in its tenth session offered new electronic defense devices and sophisticated weapons, which had not been showcased so far anywhere in the world. It allowed the countries of the region, the Middle East and North Africa the opportunity to view these modern defense products and procure them through commercial transactions taking place in the exhibition every year.

The direct economic impact of IDEX 2011 was calculated up to Dh2.5-3 billion and indirect or long term collective ramifications would be reached to Dh 25 billion in the days to come. It gave sense of national pride, satisfaction and security to UAE. It provided a golden opportunity to the UAE local companies/manufactures to actively participate and succeeded to capture Gulf Cooperation Council Countries markets. Self preparedness, vigilance, command on modern technologies, easy access to war systems, sharing of professional expertise and personal motivation is one of the main ideal of the IDEX

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  1. Attn H.E. Dr. Mahmoud El-Hassan Khan,

    We had occasion to visit Yr last IDEX Dubai Fair….Actually we are arranging a new wide italian-consortium, to be established in Florence, involved principally into:

    – Refitting of Fast Patrol Attack Boats fm 18 up to 40 mts.
    – Optics&electro-optics visors eqpts, night-goggles-scopes, laser-telemeters, artificial vision, avionic systems.
    – New and refitted APC-AVCI, VTML armoured and 4×4 all-terrain vehicles
    – Tactical Communication Systems-C4I-GAG, Surveillance & Homeland Security Systems
    – Military Shelters and HAS-Hangar.

    Let me know how and any suggestions regarding a business development activity in the Gulf…and into others Arabian Countries…

    These are our main coordinates….
    Mr. Franchi Gianluca email: and/or Mr. Stefano Teodori email:

    Many and many Thks for Yr help….Best Rgds,

    Gianluca Franchi – Stefano Teodori
    SGM Consortium – Florence – Italy

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